“Sting In The Tail” by Scorpions

Artist: The Scorpions
Title: “Sting In The Tail”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 3/23/2010
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

“And now………the end is here?” Really Scorpions? Really? Is this your very last studio recording and you are saying “last call” on this very illustrious career after completing the touring for the release? Well if that is the case then I guess we better get down to business so people know what they are getting when they focus their attention on that final album “Sting In The Tail”. For the bands last album they have once again returned to the Hard Rock and Metal sound that we love them so much for, and unlike its predecessor “Humanity Hour I”, this is a regular album with no “concept” driving it and each tune stands on its own. It’s not a return to the greatness that made them so special to people’s ears in the comparing it to “Blackout” or “Love At First Sting” sense, but it is not a terrible album when it comes down to it. Instead there are a number of cool highlights which I want to call your attention to. The release opens with “Raised On Rock” and it gets you into the mood straight away. This is likely the bands tour opener and it has a lot of great hooks to it so I sense it eventually becoming a Scorpions tune of legend. “Sting In The Tail” is another up tempo tune with a catchy chorus that I feel the band will be prompting the audience to join in with them on. Skipping around a little to the power ballad “The Good Die Young” I had to say that I was very interested in hearing this one since it featured former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen. The ballad while a solid tune really doesn’t make much use of the incredible voice that Tarja has and this found be determining that the other ballad “Lorelei” is a much better one. Believe it or not there is a third ballad that comes care of “Sly” and I didn’t see the need for a trio of such tunes because none of them are as powerful as the seminal “Still Loving You”.

Klaus Meine still sounds the same when you think about it and really rocks the walls with “Rock Zone” which I felt was probably the heaviest of the albums offerings at this point in the listen. The guitar work from both Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs is sound but neither musician seems to step out of the zone that we have enjoyed from them for so long. Its good guitar work but nothing that will make you stop and say “holy crap, how’d they do that?”. “Spirit Of Rock” seems to celebrate the bands accomplishments and the whole thing wraps up with “The Best Is Yet To Come” which I found rather funny as a closing song since this is the bands “final” recording and they are retiring. It’s a slow tune but doesn’t qualify in my mind as much of a ballad like those other three. The album is stronger than I expected it to be and this is based on a long term interest in their music and while I did not get into them as early as some other friends, I did jump on board with “Animal Magnetism”. To me as a Hard Rock and Metal fan, this album and “Blackout” and “Love At First Sting” are must haves for the music collection. After these releases you cannot argue about the bands sporadic good and bad output. It’s safe to say that of the bands later releases this is among the best and worth owning if you have enjoyed them in any fashion throughout their history.

So is this album the beginning of the band’s final countdown and will they actually hang up their leather jackets and shut off the lights in the rehearsal room or will this be an Ozzy Osbourne/KISS kind of retirement and find the band reaching year 50? Only time will tell and I will believe it when I see them on the golf course with Alice Cooper recanting tales of Rock and Roll glories once lived. Stay tuned for news as it happens and either way, thank you Scorpions for many, many great years and some truly legendary tracks. There’s “No One Like You”…..oh come on, don’t tell me you didn’t see that one coming 

Track Listing:
1. Raised On Rock
2. Sting In The Tail
3. Slave Me
4. The Good Die Young
5. No Limit
6. Rock Zone
7. Lorelei
8. Turn You On
9. Sly
10. Spirit Of Rock
11. Best Is Yet To Come

Official Website: http://www.the-scorpions.com

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