Steven Wilson Unveils 2016 Winter Tour Dates

Well, December is here and now that this is the case I have to ask you readers if you’ve been good. Have you opened the door for the elderly or held it for the person coming in behind you. Did you clean your plate and eat all the vegetables and essentially been on the positive path for the past year? If not then please close this window or read another post before the Krampus comes but if you have been nicer than usual then it’s my pleasure to share with you the latest news from the Steven Wilson camp as the musician has recently unveiled a week’s worth of tour dates at the close of Winter 2016. Check out the brief statement and poster below then I will return.

Tour - Steven Wilson - 2016

Official Statement:
After the phenomenal success of Steven Wilson’s Hand. Cannot. Erase. tour of North America earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that he will be returning for more live shows in March 2016, along with two shows in Canada.

Tues 1st March – Toronto, ON – Massey Hall
Weds 2nd March – Montreal, QC – Théâtre St-Denis
Thurs 3rd March – Albany, NY – The Egg Performing Arts Center
Fri 4th March – Boston, MA – Orpheum Theatre Boston
Sat 5th March – New York, NY – Beacon Theatre
Mon 7th March – Chicago, IL – Vic Theatre
Tues 8th March – Chicago, IL – Vic Theatre

Tickets are on sale starting 12/4 via the website linked below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Alright then. If you somehow missed this years “Hand Cannot Erase” tour then I feel sorry for you because you missed out on one of the best sounding musical experiences of the year. I’m not speaking lightly here and I see a little over 100 shows a year so I know what I am saying. Oh yeah and the album from which that tour was assembled was pretty darned extraordinary as well but I had to say that watching the band deliver it all with over the top skill and resounding melody was one of my own highlights of the musical year 2015. Wilson is an artist whose capable of painting in vast musical colors and creating spectacular masterpieces. I’m curious as to how he is going to surpass his “Hand Cannot Erase” album but I’m very interested in hearing the upcoming “4.5” release just the same. It’s going to be cool as hell to watch this be done in the incredible Beacon Theatre and I cannot wait to return to that place since the last time I was there was for Nightwish. I’ll suggest that the most interested folks get on the point as soon as 12/4 hits so they end up with the best possible tickets. This will be “An Evening With” setting so no time wasted on openers and with Wilson you really don’t need that distracting your musical head. So what do you readers think of this news? Have you been following this artists work at all or will this be your first go at one of his events? Let me know in the comments.

Official Website:

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