“Steal This DVD” by Korn

Artist: Korn
Title: “Steal This DVD”
Label: Locomotive Music
Release Date: 7/18/2006
Genre: Documentary
Rating: 6/10

Continuing their series of unauthorized biographies about some of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal’s icons, Locomotive Music brings us “Steal This DVD”, the unauthorized story of Korn. Due to licensing restrictions the film does not include any Korn music but does have a similar sounding music playing across the background. Musically Korn is not everyone’s cup of tea but you cannot take their unique contributions lightly. Born in Bakersfield California, hardly the limelight of Los Angeles this DVD takes you deep into their origins and what sort of trials and tribulations the group went through in their formative years. I found this a little more interesting than some of the other documentaries that the label released as the area where Korn is from was never the hotbed of musical attention. Learning what a band faced coming out of this area might prove an education to other up and comers should they be from small towns or other remote areas. Several pieces of Korn footage are presented but it is older footage and detailed histories on how each member became part of this phenomenon. This DVD is a pretty good watch and should sit well with the Korn alliance for despite a lot of more current footage and music I was able to take some good knowledge of the group from it. Many contend that “Nu-Metal” began with bands like Korn, so this will be fun for those fans to watch most specifically.

Track Listing:
1. n/a

Official Website: www.korn.com

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