Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy “Mr. Spock” Passes Away (1931-2015)

Earlier today as I was rushing out on some errands I received a text from a friend informing me that actor Leonard Nimoy had passed away. The actor whose name was synonymous with the Science Fiction genre is most famously known for having portrayed Mr. Spock in Gene Roddenberry’s futuristic adventure series “Star Trek”. He was 83 years old.

Photo - Mr Spock

Nimoy starred in numerous roles in film and television with an acting career that begin in 1951 but it was during the 1966 “Star Trek” series that his greatest adventure would launch as Roddenberry’s Mr. Spock. The show ran until 1968 and Nimoy would reprise this role in no less than seven films for the franchise including the most recent 2013 reboot effort where he is “Spock Prime”. While I did not follow the show during its airtime (I was only one when it started and three at its end), I would begin watching it around six or seven and remember times sitting in my Grandmother’s kitchen watching these space-age soap operas on a very small black and white screen. The good old days in some sense since it was loaded with innocence at the time. He was one of my very first hero figures when it came down to it along with Adam Wests Batman as both figures were constants during my allowed television time. That being said, I knew how to make the Spock sign for “live long and prosper” at a very young age 🙂 You’ll see that further down in this reflection. A couple of days ago Nimoy was admitted to the hospital when he complained about chest pains. He had revealed that he suffered from COPD (even though he had stopped being a chain smoker more than thirty years ago). It would be the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that would take him from us today. He is survived by his wife, two children and six grand children and shall be missed not only by them but by Science Fiction fans everywhere both young and old.

Photo - Live Long And Prosper

The photo above was the one I put out there when I heard the news and quickly offered up some quick Social Networking reflection. It surely served the immediate purpose but going forward its one of the things that all of Nimoy’s fans will instantly recognize. Thank you Leonard Nimoy for giving so many of us kids a hero to grow up with and admire. In our minds you shall forever “Live Long and Prosper”. Rest in Peace and say hello to my Nan for me. Fans of this talented man are encouraged to leave their own thoughts about his life and passing in the comments section that has been left open for you to do so.

As there is far too much to paraphrase, you can learn more about the talented actor/author via his official Wiki entry HERE

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