Some FAQ’s About “PiercingMetal Contests”

Since my reworking the premise of the Contest Giveaways, I’ve been asked a number of questions about the process.  So here are a few simple rules to follow that will allow it to work as smooth as possible for you readers.

1. When commenting, please completely fill out the form. That means your name, email address and even link if you want to. Please be sure to only put your email in the commenting form and NOT the body of the comment text. Only the blog admins see the form but the public sees the approved comment and I don’t want you to have your email broadcast to the world. Please note that we cannot chase you around to let you know that you have won. Sorry about that but we do what we can.

2. Does an approved comment mean that I win? No it does not. We approve all of the topical comments for these contests and keep a list of past winners for reference. Since we only have a few gives at a time we are trying to be fair to everyone who is interested in the site. In the event of a super massive giveaway, a lot more people win until we close the contest. I strongly stress that you watch the post to see if your comment is chosen as one of the winners.

2A: So How Do I Know If I Won?: Each winning comment will get a comment from me saying “Hey You Won” or something along those lines. I ask that you pay attention to the posting that you chimed in on to see what the results are. It’s pretty easy in all honesty.

3. If I comment on Facebook or reply to the contest in Twitter is that sufficient? No it is not. We recently moved the contests out of the Facebook realm and only announce them there at this point going forward. You can comment over there all you like but it will not help your cause. I seldom am able to answer Twitter notes, so don’t comment in there but feel free to retweet anything we post if you think it is interesting.

4. How do I keep up on contests that are going to happen in the future? As referenced in a very recent posting, all contests fall under a “PiercingMetal Contests” category here on the PiercingMetal Musings Blog. A contest will be posted several days in advance to a show so it does not hurt to subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog or to check back on your own a couple of times a week. At present I do not have “subscribers” enabled. Perhaps that will change in the future.

5. How do I claim tickets when I win? This is all depending on the venue and contest offering. Some venues issue physical tickets and they are at the will-call box office on a list specified in the winning announcement. Some venues do not issue tickets at all and merely check your name off of a list. On the day of the show, you arrive to the venue and identify yourself, and there you go.

6. What if I forget my ID and need to claim my ticket? I guess you better bring along your smart phone and show the venue staff the winning notification but don’t be surprised if they do not honor it. Simply put, try not to forget your ID 🙂

7. Can I get a plus one if I win? Plus ones are very rare in the contests and that is so we can get more and more of you inside the show. We don’t want any tickets wasted on that when three other people didn’t win because of it. Sorry. I will admit that there are some occasions when I can do it but you will know that when the time comes.

8. Does my winning come with VIP access, and backstage passes? Heheh, not really I am afraid. Each scenario is different and depends on how the venue handles it. They might put contest winners on a separate line but I have not seen it yet. Most shows don’t need backstage passes anyway as the bands are always around their merchandise tables and backstage is too crowded anyway. If you are not working with the band or press you don’t need to be there.

9. How far in advance do contests run and for how long? Generally the contest posts a few days before the show is happening and while some of them run until the day of a show, there is sometimes a need to end them before the responses get out of hand or can be properly moderated.

10. Why the move off of Facebook? I loved seeing the contests there: I will admit that I loved having them there as well but Facebook keeps changing the way that fans interact with pages they have liked and sadly said changes compromised a very important giveaway for the site. I cannot have that happen. Nowadays you cannot easily reach winners from a page and that is counter-effective when you are trying to tell someone that they won.

11. Will you tell me in advance what the next contest giveaways are?: I’ll go one better and I will tell all of you in advance about the giveaways that I actually know that will be done on the site from now until the end of the year. Check these out my friends, we have Dance Gavin Dance, Sebastian Bach, The Birthday Massacre, Sonata Arctica, Motionless In White, The Misfits, Eluveitie, The Schism Tribute Fest and The Cro-Mags – What a way to close out 2012.

12. Are you done with the rules? Yes I think for now that I am 🙂 Have fun, I look forward to bringing more and more exciting show giveaways to my site fans and thank the staff of Livenation and B.B. King’s talent who have let us do so many over the past couple of years.

PS: Both the PiercingMetal Musings and PiercingKen Blogs use the DISQUS commenting system, and this allows for greater interaction across the posts and let’s you easily sign in to comment with Twitter, Facebook and more. I strongly encourage readers to set up an account via THIS LINK to make their lives all the more easier.

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