Some “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” Reveals

So this past week has been the San Diego Comic Con, an event that I have been dying to attend but has just not been possible based on the already insane itinerary that I keep here at the Metal Command HQ. Among the many highlights for this year’s Con have been some reveals of what fans can expect in the 2016 film by Zack Snyder entitled “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. For those not yet paying attention, this film is the direct sequel to “Man Of Steel” and continues in the building of the DC Cinematic Universe. It’s about time all these characters live in the same place don’t you think? Anyway, I have culled the prominent ones from DC Comics official site to share with you all and will give you some personal views on it afterward. Let’s first get another look at Henry Cavill who will reprise his role as the Man Of Steel, Superman. This image was revealed a few weeks ago.

Photo - Henry Cavill as Superman

Unless the photo is fooling me, this Superman appears to be older and with that I will assume more seasoned to his role as the world’s champion of the good. I liked Cavill as Superman in “Man Of Steel” and while I would have preferred that a second feature with him alone along with a couple of teaser scenes like Marvel has been using to great success might have worked out better. Then there is Batman who will find Ben Affleck cast as The Dark Knight.

Photo - Ben Affleck as Batman

Well, I will say that the costume looks alright and in this photo you only really see the cowl. My fear about someone like Affleck in the film is not only assuming that there will be more time out of the cowl than in it (like we saw in “Daredevil” when he portrayed that hero) but that we are now going to be stuck with him for several films even if this movie is horrendous. Now, I admit to enjoying “Daredevil” but only for the costumed scenes and not so much the Matt Murdock time even though I know that it was integral to the story being told. I would have preferred another slightly unknown actor making his big break and impressing us as Batman. Oh well, I was not asked to be a part of the meeting when this decision was made. Last but certainly not least is the biggest reveal of them all in Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Photo - Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The suit appears to have many of the elements of Wonder Woman’s costume but I don’t 100% like the lack of the red, white and blue that it is supposed to have. Are they fearing backlash from non-American film goers? Who knows. However, you have to agree that this at least looks like it will work out. For me the cast should have ended with these three and let the action fall where it may. You can do a teaser scene to intro other characters that will bring us to the eventual “Justice League” film but it looks like DC and Warner Brothers are hot to get this out as soon as possible. We once again have Lex Luthor to contend with (yawn) and they cast Jessie Eisenberg as him while Jason Momoa (Kal Drogo of “Game Of Thrones”) as Aquaman (another misfire even though I loved Momoa in “Conan The Barbarian” a couple of years ago). What are your thoughts about the whole thing so far? I’ve let the comments open for discussion.

Official Film Wiki:

Here are some essential trades of these characters to enjoy.

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