Sólstafir Announce Free NYC Performance @ Brooklyn Brewery 9/14/2019

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One of the greatest things about living in a city like New York is the chance to enjoy so many wide varieties of things that you would never expect to even happen if you were located in some other region. Case in point this “Iceland Naturally” happening that will find the Icelandic rockers in Solstafir doing a free showcase for their fans at the Brooklyn Brewery. Check it out down below and mark your calendars.

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The Press Release:
Icelandic rock giants SÓLSTAFIR will be performing a free, intimate show for the public THIS Saturday, September 14, at Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, NY. The Reykjavik Calling performance, which is sponsored by WFUV, will be presented by Iceland Naturally in conjunction with Taste of Iceland, a five-day festival that highlights the very best of Iceland’s culture, showcasing the nation’s cuisine, music, literature, and film with a variety of events throughout the city.

The show will start at 9:00 P.M. and will also feature a performance by Kælan Mikla. The event is 21+ and admissions will be based on a first come, first serve basis. SÓLSTAFIR will be performing in support of their 2017 release, ‘Berdreyminn,’ which can be ordered via the link to Amazon.com below.

Music will always be inspired by the environment in which it is created. With its incredible array of highly diverse landscapes ranging from white glaciers via volcanic bizarreness, moss-green bubble-fields, deep fjords, and frost-cracked mountains to black beaches, Iceland has shaped a host of astonishingly original and fiercely individual bands such as SIGUR RÓS, BJÖRK, and SÓLSTAFIR.

SÓLSTAFIR embody the ever-turning wheel of seasons with their shifting light, darkness, and colours, extreme Northern climate, the stark contrasts, the closeness of beauty and deadly forces of nature, the impressive sceneries that have the bones of ancient gods enshrined in them like hardly any other band in every aspect of their existence.

SÓLSTAFIR are not like any other band. Their latest album, ‘Berdreyminn’ underscores this statement. As its title “a dreamer of forthcoming events” aptly describes, the four Icelanders have taken their already impressive evolution one step further. The band has continued to amalgamate haunting melodies, psychedelic phases, as well as strong undercurrents of classic rock and hard rock with echoes of their metal past. Yet SÓLSTAFIR’s focus is not on style but pure emotion. ‘Berdreyminn’ is eclectic by a conscious choice to make feelings audible and transform taste as well as texture to sound. Genre borders are not broken but simply ignored. Musical influences are gathered from a wide range of sources, re-arranged, and woven into new patterns. Melancholy, longing, anger, joy, pleasure, pain, and other emotions are fulling this album.

Despite leaning clearly towards an expression that can be described as rock today, SÓLSTAFIR have their roots in metal as their debut full-length ‘Í Blóði og Anda’ (2002), which translates as “In Blood and Spirit” still witnesses. Instead of today’s Icelandic gravel throated siren chants, frontman Aðalbjörn Tryggvason spat forth vitriolic crusty vocals and all strings were forged with black metal. Already their next albums ‘Masterpiece of Bitterness’ (2005) and ‘Köld’ (2009) marked stations of a continuous evolution. SÓLSTAFIR went further along their solitary path and obviously left any categorising box with the ground-breaking follow-ups ‘Svartir Sandar’ (2011) and ‘Ótta’ (2014), which received high critical acclaim and attracted new fans in equal measure, while managing the difficult feat of keeping most of their earlier following too.

SÓLSTAFIR have set sails to new horizons with ‘Berdreyminn’. Yet the Icelanders brought their home with them and the silhouette of their vessels remains easily recognisable. Welcome aboard on a new adventurous musical journey into uncharted territories.

Aðalbjörn Tryggvason: guitar, vocals
Svavar Austmann: bass
Sæþór Maríus Sæþórsson: guitar
Hallgrímur Jón Hallgrímsson: drums, backing vocals

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This sure does sound like a cool as hell event, and I hate to say that I will not be participating but I cannot attend this myself based on a prior committment that cannot be cancelled. I’m sad because the music of Solstafir is still relatively new to me as is the band as a whole and I am rather curious as to what “Iceland Naturally” is as a happening because I love learning about lands that I need to see before I go loudly into that good night. What do you readers think about this news? Is this something that you will find yourself looking into for this coming Saturday night? If you go, please be sure to take a lot of photos and put up some Facebook live videos as well. That’s all I have to say about the matter but please chime in down below and let me know what you think about it. See you next time.

Official Websites:
Solstafir: https://www.solstafir.net/
Iceland Naturally: https://icelandnaturally.com/

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