“Snorts Of Sorrow” (Single) by Pugtopsy

Artist: Pugtopsy
Title: “Snorts Of Sorrow” (Single)
Label: Artery Recordings
Release Date: 3/31/2017
Rating: 3.5/5

It’s April Fool’s Day today and that means when it comes to pretty much everything that you should approach it with a slight level of scrutiny. Considering I’ve read about dozens of band reunions, breakups and otherwise implausible circumstances today I think that it’s for your best sanity. Now, with that said let me tell you about the band Pugtopsy who I am just hearing about today and if the name is new to you as well let me inform you that the lead singer is a Pug dog named Pupcake as its lead singer/growler. They’ve recently released a brand new single called “Snorts Of Sorrow” and I guess you’re waiting for me to say “April Fool” but that is not coming at all my fiends since this is a real deal thing.

The existence of such a bizarre thing doesn’t surprise me at all but I guess that’s because I just witnessed Mac Sabbath and Metalachi in concert and I’m already a fan of Hevisaurus. You should look them all up to see what kind of mayhem they each deliver and why such madness doesn’t seem to faze me. The press email described the band as being a Black Metal effort but I viewed the sounds during “Snorts Of Sorrow” as more of a kind of Meshuggah and Djent riffing with syncopated drum patterns that worked nicely against the riff while Pupcake does his thing and growls and makes the noises that all Pug dogs seem to make. It was actually a lot of fun as a listen and especially today when we aren’t really supposed to take life all that seriously and have a little good clean fun at the expense of our friends. While they cite the track as being designed to wake the wet-nosed juggernaut in you I can honestly say that my cat Spooke grew tired of it very quickly. I liked it but I’m only the butler in her kingdom. The tune is available on Amazon.com and other leading providers of Digital Music and part of the shirt proceeds goes to an animal charity called “Neuterhead: Ace Of Spays”. That is never a bad thing. That is never a bad thing and the song is super short so check it out.

Track Listing:
1. Snorts Of Sorrow

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/pugtopsy

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