“Slow, Deep & Hard” by Type O Negative

Artist: Type-O-Negative
Title: “Slow, Deep & Hard”
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 6/14/1991
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 7/10

Originally called “Repulsion” and “Sub-Zero”, the mighty Type-O-Negative was a spawn of the brutal Metal entity known as Carnivore. Founder Peter Steele took an interesting turn with this group by adding the keyboardist Josh Silver. The resultant mix of Metal riffs and moody, dramatic keyboard compositions made this either a band you would love or hate right off the bat. As their debut release “Slow, Deep & Hard” would have a rough production value, and find Peter screaming more than singing. It’s gloomy and vengeful subject matter would make this a difficult listen at first yet one needs to know how a band begins to find where they will go. This is probably the heaviest release in the bands collection. “Unsuccessfully Coping” is an anthem for those whose hearts have been torn out by deceit and betrayal while “Xero Tolerance” is where the earlier victim finds his retribution and proves truly that revenge is a dish best served cold. Social standings are touched upon with “Der Untermensch” and this begins the bands lack of political correctness or apology for offending the world. Their sense of humor begins here with the lengthy titled “Misinterpretation Of Silence & It’s Disastrous Consequences” which in reality is mere silence and no music at all.

The lineup of Steele, Silver, Hickey and Abruscato had something that you have to listen to a few times before you got the point. It was not meant to be taken seriously and I feel the band themselves did not do this at all. Steele’s imposing 6’8” stature made some of this releases power all the more apparent and his gut-wrenching observations of life and eventual suicide with “Gravitational Constant” proved he was not to be taken lightly. Type-O-Negative begins here so you must choose to either get on board or get out of their way and trust me on this; I would go with the first choice if I were you.

Track Listing:
1. Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity
2. Der Untermensch
3. Xero Tolerance
4. Prelude To Agony
5. Glass Walls Of Limbo
6. Misinterpretation Of Silence & It’s Disastrous Consequences
7. Gravitational Constant

Official Web site: www.typeonegative.net

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