Slayer @ Roseland Ballroom (10/18/2003)

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Artist: Slayer
Venue: Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Hatebreed, Arch Enemy, Drykill Logic
Date: 10/18/2003
Label: American Records

An Evening In Hell: The Jagermeister Music Tour

This by far was the earliest show I have ever attended. A quick call to the club made me find out that it was going to be “doors open” at 6:45pm, and first band on at 6:55pm. I’ve got to admit that this factor made it really difficult to enjoy the pre-show beer or three. I was still waiting on the entrance line when 6:55 hit and I heard the rumbling sound of what I thought was the Arch Enemy set. I got pissed since I had wanted to see them as much as seeing Slayer once again.

However, after waiting almost 30 minutes on line and gaining access to the venue another band was starting. Instead of Hatebreed it ended up being Arch Enemy. Sadly, I missed some opening act who was probably really good. Later I would find out that their name was Drykill Logic. Yet now it was time for me to focus on Arch Enemy. I missed this band when they made an appearance at L’Amour earlier this Summer so it was nice to see them on the Jagermeister tour. They are a powerful group led by Angela Gossow on vocals. Her metallic growls can run up against any Male counterpart if you ask me. On guitars were Michael and Christopher Amott, with Daniel Erlandson on drums (and he was great, lotsa killer double kicks). I did not think the bassist was Sharlee as is noted on the website and if it was I apologize for the oversight. Angela did not talk all that much, only to say how great it was to be on the tour and to be playing this great city New York. Arch Enemy Set Listing was: Silent Wars, Hearts Of Darkness, We Will Rise, Dead Eyes See No Future, Dead Bury Their Dead (which has Burning Angel in the midst of it before finishing DBTD), Ravenous was the closer. Angela Gossow wore a skull faced shirt and kept the jabber to a minimum while just saying it was great to be here. “Keep Metal Alive” she said as they left the stage. The crowd screamed for more but sadly there was no return.

Hatebreed came on next and reminded me of old school NYHC (New York Hardcore). It’s not generally the music I follow but I admit they delivered it with intensity and dedication. They announced their new CD “Rise Of Brutality” was coming out soon and a few choice tracks that I could catch titles of were “Tear It Down” and “Empty Promises”. I must find myself the time to listen to more of their stuff as their appearance made me a new fan. While I was getting into them there was no way to catch the songs since I had limited background on them. The audience was very into them and there were several small mosh pits going on at the same time.

The club got dark for the main event of evening. It was now time for Slayer to take the stage. With the stage in dark purple light and projected words of “God Hates Us All”, the band exploded into the track of the same name. Slayer was back in New York, and we welcomed them. It is great to see the group with their original drummer Dave Lombardo. He always amazes me with his power and execution of the music. Hanneman and King were in top form as their buzzing guitar work combined with the hypnotic flashing lights made for dizzying surroundings. Tom Araya kept the banter to a minimum as Slayer truly is not a “talkie” sort of group. Its more about the intensity and delivery of the music. Brutal as possible. There was no disappointment there.

At most, Araya only spoke to scream the name of the coming tune such as “War Ensemble”, “At Dawn They Sleep”, and “Necrophiliac”. Included in the set was “Fight Till Death” from the first album which they hardly ever do said a Friend of mine who attended a score of Slayer performances over the years. Lombardo was especially great on that one. He really “updates” his stuff well. Alot of the first album is single-bass and now he throws alot of double-bass stuff in there that really “kicks it up a notch”.

I must admit, that by far the highlight of the Slayer performance, was the decision by the band to play the entire “Reign In Blood” album. As soon as “Angel Of Death” started the place was in a frenzy, even more so than earlier it seemed. From above (I jumped away to safety for a short while to see the pit) the crowd looked like one big ocean, heads and bodies moving wildly and flying about. Sadly I was not allowed to take pictures but I think if I got near the stage I would have lost more than my camera, as it was that intense.

Once the last track had been done, Araya simply said “thank you goodnight !” and it was done. Although I had an awesome time, leave it to me to find one simple iota of disappointment. I was enjoying myself beyond belief of course, yet I was sad to not hear tunes such as CHEMICAL WARFARE and SEASONS IN THE ABYSS which are among my Slayer favorites. I was also surprised that they did not talk much about their upcoming DVD and CD box set. Like I said, they are more about the music than the chatter, and it’s a welcome change.

Slayer’s Set:
1. Darkness of Christ @Tape
2. Disciple
3. War Ensemble
4. At Dawn They Sleep
5. Necrophiliac
6. Stain of Mind
7. Mandatory Suicide
8. God Send Death
9. Dead Skin Mask
10. Fight Till Death
11. Payback
12. Hell Awaits
13. South of Heaven
14. Set “Reign In Blood” album
15. Angel of Death
16. Piece by Piece
17. Necrophobic
18. Altar of Sacrifice
19. Jesus Saves
20. Criminally Insane
21. Reborn
22. Epidemic
23. Postmortem
24. Raining Blood

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