“Slave To The System” by Slave To The System

Artist: Slave To The System
Title: “Slave To The System”
Label: Spitfire Records
Release Date: 2/21/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

What do you get if you combine the forces of talent that have worked with both Queensryche and Brother Cane? Well, the answer is very simply “Slave To The System” a Hard Rock combo that brings drummer Scott Rockenfield together with Damon Johnson, Roman Glick and Kelly Gray. Gray worked in Queensryche for one album and tour while Johnson and Glick were members of the powerhouse Brother Cane. Two entirely different aspects of the musical spectrum with one being a Progressive Rock side while the other mainstream Hard Rock. The result is a very pleasing Hard Rock journey that has some serious radio potential on its debut and self-titled release. Damon Johnson has a great voice and it shows throughout the record that he has not lost his touch in the years since Brother Cane ended. Rockenfield is an established drumming presence, yet on this album he lays back a little and delivers solid Rock and Roll time, a nice change to see that he can adapt and make his level of play work with a totally different type of band.

Gray seems to do well here more so than he did during his brief tenure with Queensryche. I admit to not enjoying his working with the band, but this is since he immediately followed the absence of DeGarmo so like most fans I was jaded going in. Glick holds it all together on bass while his Cane partner belts them out. In Slave To The System the whole unit works together very well, and it serves to prove that Hard Rock is not as boring as commercial terrestrial radio would have you believe. While there might be “hit makers” on it nothing really gives that push or the drive lately to remind you that Rock is very simply supposed to Rock. STTS makes sure to remind us of this fact and with tracks like their namesake, “Rudy Wednesday” and “Stigmata” there is plenty of proof that the band means business in this area. It’s a welcome change to the existing supply.

The exciting nature of the recording gives the idea that this will be a great band in performance and the strong level of appeal in these songs is bound to give a wide variety of listeners something to be excited about in Rock music once again. The CD comes with all lyrics and photos as well so you can keep up with the songs as you like. Check this one out, as it’s a consistent listen and you will find yourself enjoying it quite a bit. I know I did.

Track Listing:
1. Stigmata
2. Ruby Wednesday
3. Slave To The System
4. Live This Life
5. Cruise Out Of Control
6. Abyss
7. Disinfected
8. Gone Today
9. Will You Be There
10. Leaves
11. Ragdoll
12. Walk The Line

Official Web site: www.slavetothesystem.com

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