“Slave To None” by Totalisti

Artist: Totalisti
Title: “Slave To None”
Label: Magna Carta Records
Release Date: 8/16/2005
Genre: Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Totalisti debut disk “Slave To None” combines elements of Nu-Metal’s heavy down tuned guitars with the progressive aspects of complex time signatures into an interesting blend which may appeal to fans of Slipknot, Tool, and Metallica. Tool’s strong influence is evident to me on the tracks “Severed Ties”, “Slave to None”, “ETA” and “House Of Mirrors”.

There is some really competent musicianship on this debut album that suggests to me that further offerings will most likely progress and grow. The complexity and detail of Slave To None become more apparent with multiple listening. The Excellent drumming of Tom Taitano is a metronomic driving force that grooves and really drives as well as anchors Totalisti. Without skilled drumming at the heart of band like this, the power would just not be there. Thankfully, Taitano does not resort to the ridiculous overuse of double kick bass drums. I think that constant machine gun crap is overused by too many lesser drummers. It gets tired really quick and has now become highly cliché in metal. Taitano shows that you can kick plenty of ass with just one foot.

The guitar playing is aggressive and solid, locking tightly with bass and drums. Ben Sprongs leads are interesting and tasteful. The guttural growl/scream vocals of Mark Stockwell are combined with some really good singing and vocal harmonies that show these guys could actually sing really well when they want to. Fans of aggressive complex Metal should check out Totalisti. While not groundbreaking, Slave To None is pretty darn good, especially for a debut album. Solid, well conceived, and it rocks.

Track Listing:
1. Sick Of It All
2. Fallen
3. ETA
4. Refined
5. Severed Ties
6. Blind
7. Dirty
8. Slave To None
9. The Call
10. Whispering
11. Shameless
12. House of Mirrors

Official Web site: http://www.totalisti.com

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