Six Feet Under’s “East Coast Armageddon Tour” Is Postponed :(

Wow, another tour cancellation in the same week but yes my Metal Legions, I am sad to report for those who were excited about this particular happening that the upcoming tour for Six Feet Under (labelled the “East Coast Armageddon Tour”) has been postponed. The official announcement from the band follows the tour poster below.

Poster - Six Feet Under - Fall 2013

“Bad news…Illness of a close family member of one our band mates unfortunately has forced postponement of East Coast Armageddon until late January continuing into February. Our sincerest apologies to all of our fans. We will see you all in January.”

They announced this yesterday so I am sorry to get it online to you on the following day, I was enjoying my Halloween fun so I hope you will forgive me. I know a lot of the Metal fans were as excited about seeing the supporting acts as they were to see SFU, and who wouldn’t be since it was the likes of Jungle Rot, Malignancy, Pyrexia and Dark Sermon. That is a pretty solid package for sure. Our area event was to be held at the Paper Box club on 11/14 which is only a few days prior to the also cancelled Sepultura tour. Talk about a double whammy, and not a good kind. We hope all works out with the sick family member and will keep a watch on any rescheduled dates for our regional events calendar.

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