Sir Roger Moore (James Bond 007) Has Passed Away (1927-2017)

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We’ve just learned of the passing of the great Sir Roger Moore from; Moore was most famously known to us all as the legendary Ian Fleming spy James Bond, Agent 007. While he followed the great Sean Connery in the role, based on my age and seeing films from a certain time, Moore was the Bond that I grew up with and as result remains an important part of my cinema appreciation. Moore’s Bond was the epitome of class, and suave manners along with a clever, fun approach to dealing with insidious villainy. Sir Roger Moore was 89 years old and his family posted the news on his Official Twitter which has been embedded below.

The work of Sir Roger Moore is too great to even do more than touch upon here in this reflection so as usual I will defer you to the actor’s official Wikipedia entry as its loaded with details about his storied career. Over the years I was able to enjoy Moore’s earlier work such as “Maverick” and “The Saint” (which was more up my alley based on the level of intrigue involved) when they were in syndication but I never did manage to catch “Ivanhoe” or “The Persuaders”. Perhaps with his passing we shall find these classic shows appearing on Netflix or some other streaming service. Thinking back on when I first watched Moore in the role of James Bond, I think that the first film I would see with him in it was “The Spy Who Loved Me” which would have been his third. I would catch “Live and Let Die” and “The Man With The Golden Gun” when they were broadcast on television. The VCR was not a common device in the home way back when and as result there were no video stores to rent films from. You younger readers probably don’t even know what I mean with the reference or view this as ancient history stuff. Thank you Sir Roger Moore for bringing such works to life and thrilling so many of us again and again with your exploits. May you Rest In Peace.

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