Singer Janet Rains aka Jane Train Has Died (1969-2017)

Back in mid-July we reported the terrible news about a car wreck with the band Adrenaline Mob who were roadside repairing a flat. This accident killed bassist David Z. and grievously injured their tour manager Janet Rains, aka Jane Train. I am saddened to share the news that Ms Rains has succumbed to her injuries and passed away at age 48.

Rains was a very active musician on the scene according to what has been read and most recently was singing for a band called Headbanger’s Ball with some musicians we follow the adventures of but we were not able to catch these shows based on logistics and where they were. The friends who knew her talents well spoke very highly of her and I was quite looking forward to crossing paths at some point in the future but alas she has gone on to join the musical legends that have left us over the last few years. Another shining star that has gone out far too soon and with so much more to give the world around her. We send the deepest of condolences to her family and friends and all of the fans that she made at her shows during this time. Goodnight Miss.

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