“Sick Of It All: Our Impact Will Be Felt” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Sick Of It All: Our Impact Will Be Felt”
Label: Abacus Records
Release Date: 2/1/2007
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore/Metal
Rating: 3/5

Abacus Recordings is slowly becoming the be-all and end-all label for slam worthy Hardcore and Metal core music. It seems perfect for them to use this standing in the genres proliferation to celebrate 20 years of music from the band Sick Of It All. Titled “Our Impact Will Be Felt”, this tribute album has taken some of the hottest talent across a wide scope of Metal and Hardcore talent and had each of them bring to life their own version of a Sick Of It All classic song. When tributes do this the idea ends up working pretty well, for it not only gives you the chance to hear something different from one of your favorite bands (such as Unearth or Sepultura lets say), but also educates you on the classic form of this genre when it was at its purest. As a band, Sick Of It All were fore fathers to the movement and there is a chance that a number of the younger fans who follow bands that drew inspiration from then, have no idea where the sound came from in the first place. This is also a good place to find the standout performers of today along side that are a little more in the underground still and could appeal to the fans of those other bands.

Track Listing:
1. Bane – “We Stand Alone”
2. Stretch Arm Strong – “Busted”
3. Bouncing Souls – “Good Lookin’ Out”
4. Most Precious Blood – “Alone”
5. Kill Your Idols – “Friends Like You”
6. Sepultura – “Scratch The Surface”
7. Napalm Death – “Who Sets The Rules”
8. Hatebreed – “Rat Pack”
9. Unseen – “Fake The Punk”
10. Suicide Machines – “Goatless”
11. Madball – “Give Respect”
12. Walls Of Jericho – “Us Vs. Them”
13. Unearth – “Clobberin’ Time/What’s Going On”
14. Rise Against – “Built To Last”
15. Bleeding Through – “The Truth”
16. Pennywise – “My Life”
17. Himsa – “Maladjusted”
18. Ignite – “Cease Fire”

Official Website: www.abacusrecordings.com
Official Web site: www.sickofitall.com

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