“Shout At The Devil (remaster) by Motley Crue

Artist: Motley Crue
Title: “Shout At The Devil (remaster)
Label: Eleven Seven Music
Release Date: 9/30/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 5/5

Even today this is one of my favorite Metal albums of all time because in my opinion when it was initially released in 1983, it set off a chain reaction on the scene in which the Hard Rock and Glam world would combine to spit out one of the nastiest and most outrageous groups that the music industry had ever seen…..the inimitable Motley Crue. Of course this would be the bands sophomore album and follow their 1981/1982 debut of “Too Fast For Love’ and while many people had already been supporting them, it was not until “Shout At The Devil” came out that the band reached as many people that it did. We can thank the efforts of the ever rising MTV that played the bands very visually intense films on regular rotation for a lot of that attention and also when it came down to it in a track by track sense, this was an incredibly strong release and surpassed its predecessor by leaps and bounds. The remaster of “Shout At The Devil” continues the bands “Crucial Crue” editions that as we referenced were done back in 1999 but have returned to us with a little bit more in 2008.

“Shout” began with a very apocalyptic message spoken by Sixx with massive echo and foreboding and then it kicked into the album’s title track that was just so infectious and built for a concert arena without any question. The band met with some cries of being Satanic but if you read the words properly you would see that they were instead speaking against the powers of the dark with their tune. I guess they didn’t realize that Crue was telling us all to shout “at” the devil as opposed to shouting “with” him. Come to think of it in this day and age, had the track been called “Shout With The Devil” it might have worked excellent for a Black Metal band but not the Trashy Sleaze that the Crue was primarily about. “Looks That Kill” was a video juggernaut and really got the band some attention as they wandered an apocalyptic terrain and found themselves pitted a very fatale femme. “Helter Skelter” worked as the band did their Beatles best and while Pat Benatar had done this track a little earlier in music history, something about Motley doing it just made a lot more sense. “Red Hot” became every drummer’s favorite album track with its thundering double bass drum pattern and incredible “live” feel while “Too Young To Fall In Love” became another of the albums many anthems. The video for this one found the band being champions of the victimized and who in their right mind would stand against these four in a dark alley. Collectively the musical composition of the release was incredibly strong and every track seemed to work well with it’s before and after tune and in the end gave the band one that would withstand the tests of time.

The remasters of the Crue editions feature a number of bonus tracks and for this release we primarily have demos of the tracks from this same release more so than missing tracks. “I Will Survive” is the only unheard before track and it’s not the Gloria Gaynor hit, even though it might have been interesting to hear a Motley Crue rendition of the popular Disco tune. “Hotter Than Hell” is the demo for the song that gets renamed to “Louder Than Hell” and appears on the bands “Theatre Of Pain” release which comes after this album. Liner notes for these tracks are provided by Nikki Sixx and he offers some good insight into them which fans should enjoy. All original artwork and lyrics are included as well in the booklet but nothing else is added to this. This album should be in your collection in the first place but if you have not gotten around to purchasing it yet, then now you have the perfect reason to add it to your library and experience first hand why this is such an important Heavy Metal album and how it still sounds good when blasted on your speakers today.

Track Listing:
1. In The Beginning
2. Shout At The Devil
3. Looks That Kill
4. Bastard
5. God Bless The Children Of The Beast
6. Helter Skelter
7. Red Hot
8. Too Young To Fall In Love
9. Knock ‘Em Dead Kid
10. Ten Seconds To Love
11. Danger
12. Shout At The Devil (demo) – bonus
13. Looks That Kill (demo) – bonus
14. Hotter Than Hell (demo) – bonus
15. I Will Survive – bonus
16. Too Young To Fall In Love (demo) – bonus

Official Website: http://www.motleycrue.com

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