“Sex, Murder, Art, Baby” by Acey Slade

Artist: Acey Slade
Title: “Sex, Murder, Art, Baby”
Label: Independant
Release Date: 12/
Genre: Punk Rock/Industrial Alt-Punk
Rating: 3/5

You might have heard the name Acey Slade before but in the event you have not, let me update you by saying he was once a member of Dope, of The Murderdolls and Trashlight Vision and for several months in 2007 toured as a guitarist with Wednesday 13’s band. The singer/guitarist has been hard at work of late on his newest solo material and the EP “Sex, Murder, Art, Baby” is a sampling of that which is to come. The release begins with the cryptically Gothic meets Industrial vibe of “Reptile House” and the slow groove being laid down is quite good and should find the listener’s body moving to the melodies. Right off the bat I realized how much different this stuff was from his TLV endeavors or anything he worked on with the Dope guys. Proving once again that the only constant is change comes the second track of “Nothings Gonna Change” and this is a pretty danceable tune which offered up a bit of a surprise for me since I was expecting to find much more along his Punk lines. I do like the tune but hope the full album finds more rockers as opposed to dancing kind of stuff. It’s too far left from what his core fanbase might expect of him and we sure don’t want them upset. There are two remixes of “Reptile House” and the most notable of the pair is by Hanzyl und Gretyls Kaiser Von Loopy. This is a massive burst of dark energy and brings you into the musical war zone with its alarms and crushing riffs. I liked this better than the Skinny re-mix but appreciate that Slade was offering his fans the chance to hear different plays on his new stuff with the help of his notable friends in Deathstars and Rob Zombie. The EP also features a very dark tune called “Love Sick Souls” and this had an almost Manson vibe to it. The track is exclusive to the EP so if you want it, you need to get this release.

Readers should be aware that this CD is actually a limited edition pressing release from Slade and clearly is something that his most ardent fans will want to get their hands on. Not only do we get six tracks that include an EP only tune but we also get a sticker and a cloth patch that bear the musicians name, and he has personally signed each and every one of them. The whole thing is packaged in a unique “gun” case which is something I have never seen before. The CD is ejected by depressing a small trigger in the corner. The downside of this packaging was that it seemed a little difficult to line up the other goodies once you opened their section. However, I am sure that the fans will not mind dealing with it. This can be purchased directly from Slade via his MySpace link so act before he runs out of them since supplies are limited.

Track Listing:
1. Reptile House (album version)
2. Nothings Gonna Change (album version)
3. Das Reptile Haus (Kaiser Von Loopy re-mix)
4. Nothings Gonna Change (Piggy D re-mix)
5. Love Sick Souls (EP Exclusive)
6. Reptile House (Skinny Disco re-mix)

Official Website: www.myspace.com/aceyslademusic

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