“Seven Days Live” (DVD) by Poison

Artist: Poison
Title: “Seven Days Live”
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 3/14/2006
Genre: Glam Rock
Rating: 7/10

Warning to all diehard Poison fans: This DVD does NOT feature guitarist C.C. DeVille. Yes, for a few years the group carried on without him and recorded as well as toured and to some fans the music that was created during this period was some of the bands best music ever. It was still Rock and Roll but instead of focusing on the quick and easy formula of their past the band now showed a more mature level of songwriting. Joining Brett, Rikki, and Bobby would be Richie Kotzen who really brought a tasty and bluesy style to the material the band was doing. The album that featured Richie’s debut was “Native Tongue” and the DVD film showcases six songs from this record in the set. These highly musical and interesting tracks are surrounded by the Poison classics that everyone who follows the group expects to hear in a live setting. Filmed during the “Native Tongue” tour the show is from The Hammersmith Apollo recorded on April 23rd 1993. The concert itself is pretty good and the band who are a few years into their career show a strong command of the stage and how to give their audience the very best. Brett is a very talented front man and he knows what the crowd reacts to most. It was interesting to see how tight the playing was with new guitarist Kotzen also and even more interesting to see his take on the C.C. DeVille material. To be honest he is simply a better guitar player but half of C.C.’s appeal was his showmanship and antics, Richie does not do any of that stuff and simply plays his heart out. There is also a short drum solo from Rikki Rocket that his fans will enjoy as well. Production wise the DVD is fine, but there are no bonus features to enjoy. The live concert shoot is all you get but it is at least presented in it’s entirety with no breaks to band commentary. I hate when bands do that as it ruins the performance vibe.

When you consider Kotzen’s short tenure with the group you will find that this DVD is great for the supporters of the band as there is not any other means to enjoy his playing of these songs on video that’s available. Blues Saraceno also became a part of the band after Richie and it will be great if footage surfaces from his shows as well. The guys need only release something with C.C. to serve their original fan base and give them the Poison of 20 years ago considering their popularity continues to grow with every generation. Strike up the band and grab this DVD it’s nothin’ but a good time from start to finish.

Track Listing:
1. The Scream
2. Strike Up The Band
3. Ride The Wind
4. Good Love
5. Body Talk
6. Something To Believe In
7. Stand
8. Fallen Angel
9. Look What The Cat Dragged In
10. Until You Suffer Some (Fire & Ice)
11. 7 Days Over You
12. Unskinny Bop
13. Talk Dirty To Me
14. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
15. Nothin’ But A Good Time

Official Web site: www.Poisonweb.com

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