“Setlist: The Very Best Of Ted Nugent – Live” by Ted Nugent

Artist: Ted Nugent
Title: “Setlist: The Very Best Of Ted Nugent – Live”
Label: Sony Legacy
Release Date: 7/13/2010
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

If you are a Hard Rock fan that knows their stuff then you clearly already have a love for the musical output of our own “Uncle” Ted Nugent. For decades the outspoken guitarist has entertained us in a manner that few others would ever brave and many of his songs are the ones that burgeoning guitarists learned as they hoped for their own greatness. This edition of the “Setlist Live” best-of series presents ten of the Motor City Madman’s crème de la crème tunes and covers the span of three of his classic live albums. The releases we see presented in brief come via “Double Live Gonzo”, “Intensities in 10 Cities” and “Live at Hammersmith ’79”. There are also a couple of songs that hail from remasters of his studio output but there does not seem to be anything unreleased on this one. Depending on when you got into Ted’s music, this could be a real treat for you as a fan. I liked the stuff that hailed from the “Double Live Gonzo” the most as that is required listening for any fan of the genre. Since that album has a re-issue out, it bears looking into as well. Most of Ted’s standards are here to enjoy such as “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Free For All” but missing is the always fun “Wango Tango” and “White Buffalo”. We do get “Wang, Dang, Sweet Poon Tang” which is seminal Ted but I would have avoided the lengthy “Hibernation” in order to deliver more tunes in its fifteen minutes. I also think that the blues based offering was a misfire since “Lip Lock” takes away from the blazing drive of the other Nugent offerings. They did leave this with older material or at least older era Ted so it was cool to find him going back into his own history and closing up the CD with the Amboy Dukes “Baby Please Don’t Go”.

Since nothing is unreleased on this edition, you might want to hold off on purchasing it if you already own most of, and are planning on the rest of his catalog since you will be buying the same tunes. If you just need a quick and tasty dose of Uncle Ted live, then by all means sink your guitar loving fangs into it. This also might make a perfect present to the new fan or someone who you are trying to convert to the teachings of this guitar god. In my opinion it is a good way to start someone off on their journey.

About The Setlist Collection: These releases are packaged in what is termed Eco-Friendly cardboard sleeves and that means there is not much to the actual package. It opens like a book, and the CD fits neatly into a slot. There is a single photo and some track listings but to see more you need to put the CD in your computer. Doing this offers the buyer a PDF of the booklet that gives you a couple of additional photos and some liner notes about the track selection. There is also a complete discography listing and each reference leads you to the Sony online store so you can make a purchase. They also offer up “recommended selections” should you have some additional interest. I liked this but felt with the use of the online side that a few secret tracks could have been offered and perhaps more photos.

Track Listing:
1. Just What The Doctor Ordered
2. Gonzo
3. Free For All
4. Cat Scratch Fever
5. Stormtroopin’
6. The Flying Lip Lock
7. I Take No Prisoners
8. Hibernation
9. Wang Dang Sweet Poon Tang
10. Baby, Please Don’t Go

Official Website: http://www.tednugent.com

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