Set Your Sights On Kivanc Kilicer’s “Devil’s Thought” Video

So I’m a little late with showcasing this very spooky video from Turkish musician Kivanc Kilicer entitled “Devil’s Thought” and coming care of Scarlet Records. Of course I should be honest and admit that this was actually the very first time I had heard of him but that is one of the great aspects of having a medium such as this. The new stuff reaches you and merits discussion. The clip is one of the exciting Hard Rocking tracks from his album “Dew On Roses” and you can check it out below.

I loved the very ethnic vibe at the beginning of the tune before the traditional Hard Rock groove and lead guitar soloing gets us started. Now considering this is coming at us from Turkey, there are a lot more social guidelines on stuff like this so it’s pretty interesting to find all of the supernatural images and goings on being presented in the video. If you like fire Kivanc surely offers up a lot of that as its everywhere at one point. Kivanc doesn’t move around too much in the video but he does look quite a bit like Kaecilius from the recently released “Doctor Strange” movie which I felt was cool if done without intending to. The story being told in the clip shows a young woman who has obviously done some really bad stuff finding it catching up with her. There isn’t anything gruesome here and I think you’ve seen worse in “The Walking Dead” but there is a little bit blood and zombie like imagery happening. The tune is solid and kept my interest throughout which is not always something I find happening with a completely new to my ears performer. If you are a fan of Melodic Hard Rock then this should appeal to you. The link to purchase the track for your music collection is below. Give something new a chance. I know I will be looking around for the full album as time permits.

Track Listing:
1. Devil’s Thought

Official Website:

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