Set The Killswitch Engage To Pause As Howard Jones Departs…

I didn’t think I would get one of my Heavy Metal Holy Sh*ts posted so early in the year, but with new days dawning in people’s minds along with new plans and interests, I guess leaving a band that one has been an integral part of for many years can also come to pass. Such is the case with Metalcore vocalist Howard Jones who has left the ranks of Killswitch Engage after ten years. I’ll admit to my being not much more than a casual fan and when they had their original singer Jesse Leach I was hardly into this kind of stuff at all. I actually liked what Howard brought to the band a little more than the stuff with Leach but that is a personal preference of my own. There were folks who worshiped the original singers input.

Howard Jones with Killswitch Engage in NYC (3/2007)

Howard made the news back in early 2010 when it was rumored on a Allie Storm’s (a porn star) Twitter that she was carrying his baby. I admit I lost interest and track of the story as I like less TMZ in my Metal and this was the dude’s personal life and his own to deal with. Jones would take a “rest” from the band at this time and be filled in for by All That Remains’ own Phil Labonte. So what now you might ask? Well, who the hell knows as this news just broke and I pieced my thoughts together from my own background and the stuff on the bands Facebook and official site. It has to be true since its on Facebook and already on Wikipedia right? Right.

I loved Howard’s voice in the band and wish him the very best in his next musical adventure. Perhaps he will be the next one to write an autobiography. Whatever the case may be he will surely have a lot of followers because he did right in this band for a good chunk of years. Good Luck Howard.

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