“Semi Devilish” by Darzamat

Artist: Darzamat
Title: “Semi Devilish”
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Release Date: 11/21/2006
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Darzamat is a Gothic Metal band that’s not only fronted by a dueling male and female vocal but also one who blends the elements of Black and Death Metal together with incredible success. Now you might be rolling your eyes at the aspect of yet another male/female fronted Metal band but before you do that let me explain just how incredible Poland’s Dark Metal group actually is. “Semi Devilish” is the bands fourth album and it all begins with a powerful instrumental mood maker before “Red Iris” begins. The tune serves as your introduction to the band as we hear the guttural growls of Flauros, the male vocalist, and the clean yet brooding at times vocals of his female counterpart Nera. Nera’s voice is the perfect dynamic and she keeps her vocals at one tone for the most part as opposed to doing soaring operatic things and with so many bands doing this these days I found it a welcome change. It continues along with “Era Aggression” and finds a raving Flauros over a machine gun double bass drum pattern while Nera joins in as an almost ghostly chorus. It doesn’t take long before one realizes that this isn’t along the lines of Lacuna Coil or Evanescence but instead more like Dimmu Borgir meets Within Temptation if you needed to form an immediate idea about them. Given this description one can understand also that the material on “Semi Devilish” is rather heavy and it keeps this as a constant across the various dramas that the band plays out all over the album.

The musicianship on the recording is exemplary and finds the talents of Daamr (guitars/bass), Chris (guitars), Spectre (keyboards) and Golem (drums) making this come to life and doing an incredible job at that. Other highlights include the epic “Time Of Obscure Emotions” which is one of my favorites as well as it covers a lot of musical ground and takes the bands technical proficiency to additional levels. Nera offers up some growls from time to time and it works towards some better dynamics with Flauros and while all of this is going on we have some seriously foreboding and melodramatic orchestrations happening. Overall it makes Darzamat’s “Semi Devilish” an album that you can easily enjoy on the first listen but not one that you will fully understand until your second or third go at it. I can safely recommend this to fans of Dark Metal since that is truly where the band falls but can also say that those who feel as though the Gothic Metal side is getting a little over-saturated would find something different in the likes of Darzamat. Clearly this import from Poland is heading for a promising future and “Semi Devilish” is a great place to get on board with what they are all about. The band would follow this album up with the stunning “Transkarpatia” which I actually heard first and feel is a worthy addition to one’s Metal collection as well.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. In Red Iris
3. Era Aggression
4. Time Of Obscure Emotions
5. Fistful Of Ashes
6. Demise
7. Absence Of Light
8. The Darkest One
9. Dusk
10. From Beyond
11. In Its Cobweb
12. Era Aggression – Live Video

Official Website: www.darzamat.pl

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