Seeking The Answer? They Arrive This Summer 2015

Ireland’s The Answer are a hot rocking band with a solid presentation and whole lot of soul to their sound. I just learned from their Official Facebook Page that they will be joining the run being made by Whitesnake and that amps up my own interest in that tour. Anyway, the band will also have some side dates so here is the poster and said dates for your consumption.

Tour - The Answer - Summer 2015

Tour Dates: (outside of Whitesnake support slot)
6/27: Greeley Independence Stampede (Greeley, CO)
7/9: Orh (St. Louis, MO)
7/10: The Riot Room (Kansas City, MO)
7/12: Reggies (Chicago, IL)
7/16: Rock USA (Oshkosh, WI)
7/21: DC9 (Washington, DC)
7/22: Knitting Factory (Brooklyn, NY)
7/24: Burning Cow Festival (Green Bay, WI)

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Wow did I love the set that I caught from this band a few years ago and their releases on The End Records. Sadly, I didn’t see any of the ACDC support slots and don’t think they returned since which is a shame because I hate when a band that I enjoyed falls off my radar. Now they are signed to Napalm Records and I so hope I am able to check them out once again at long last since its a hot dose of Rock and Roll that is good for the soul. You’d be advised to head over to Brooklyn for this appearance after they complete the tour with Whitesnake. So what do you think? Are you with me?

Official Website:

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