“Secular Haze” (Single) by Ghost

Artist: Ghost
Title: “Secular Haze” (Single)
Label: Loma Vista Recordings
Release Date: 2/18/2013
Genre: Doom Metal

The masked and mysterious band Ghost who we last heard from with their awesome “Opus Eponymous” debut album are preparing to release their latest bit of work upon the masses and have unveiled this new single “Secular Haze” back in December. The song was at first available for free and is now available for immediate digital download for a modest sum. Since that last time around some changes have some to pass with the first and most prominent being the newly installed Papa Emeritus II who replaced Papa I in a live concert ceremony. The second is that they are now going by “Ghost B.C.” here in the USA for legal reasons. It’s a clear play on the “Before Christ” adage but the bands Nameless Ghouls stress this is silent. So about the track, it’s an interesting one with an almost carnival vibe to it based on the keyboards and I had to admit that Papa II sure does sound a lot like Papa I so the fans will not have issue adjusting to the new member.

Musically the band seems tighter and more focused on expanding melody here but again it’s a single track to discuss and for the most part I liked it but more for when the chorus was happening. I cannot wait to hear more. I think those who are already acolytes for their cause will enjoy it and perhaps it will draw in some new fans. “Infestissumam” will hit your local music purchasing place and of course the online retailers in early April so be sure to check it out and watch this space for a comprehensive review.

Track Listing:
1. Secular Haze

Official Website: http://ghost-official.com/

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