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The Press Release:
Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of HEILUNG. The enigmatic Danish trio will release their forthcoming album, as well as reissue their debut full length ‘Ofnir’ through the label in 2018.

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Regarding their signing HEILUNG comment: “We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Season of Mist. They give us the possibility to be artistically independent, and respect the spiritual nature of our art.”

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HEILUNG, which translates to “healing” in German, draw their inspiration from a Northern Europe’s Iron Age. The band’s themes, lyrics, and ambitious visual presentation evoke the Viking period in grandiose fashion. To pay tribute to their heritage, HEILUNG employ a unique means of instrumentation in their music, ranging from running water via human bones, reconstructed swords and shields, ancient frame drums, as well as bronze rings. The band’s lyrics are taken from texts found in ancient rune stones, preserved spear shafts, amulets, poems, and other relics of a bygone era.

HEILUNG recently saw the release of their first-ever live show (as part of Castlefest 2017 this past August). A pro-shot concert titled ‘LIFA’ is streaming here.

Additionally, a video for the track “Krigsgaldr”, which largely features animated Scandinavian rock carvings can be seen below.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m pretty curious about this group as it sounds really interesting from the clip that the label media folks shared. We love the Folk Metal bands of Finland and other places but this is something rather different for sure. I guess I can close this one up and say “Stay Tuned” for more news about the band Heilung and their brand of musical creativity. What do you think of this news? Have you heard of them before this? Do tell if you did. See you next time.

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