Scott Ian’s “Speaking Words” Tour Dates For 2014 Unveiled

It’s time to get “Caught In The Listening Room” as Anthrax’s Scott Ian has just announced his “Speaking Words Tour” for 2014. So what is this you might be asking? Well read on and I will explain it the best that I possibly can.

Tour - Scott Ian - Speaking Words Tour 2014

As you well know, Scott Ian has been a guitarist in the great Anthrax since the very beginning (he and Dan Lilker were founding members in case you are not up on your Thrash Metal history) and he was also instrumental in the Stormtroopers Of Death side project. In addition to extensive touring with the legendary Thrash Metal band, he regularly appears on VH1 Classic documentary shows and seems to be a big fan of the comics medium as well. That said, this “Speaking Words Tour” will tie his whole entertainment and personal life experiences together and surely be an interesting time to boot. If you are a fan of what Scott does in Anthrax and beyond, you are not going to want to miss this interesting look into his life and hear it in his own words. The tour dates are below and our own regional appearance will be at the legendary B.B. King Blues Club.

Tour Dates:
Thu Feb 20 ’14: Chicago, IL @ Maynestage>
Fri Feb 21 ‘14: Detroit, MI @ Token Lounge
Sat Feb 22 ‘14: Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theatre
Tue Feb 25 ’14: Toronto, ON @ El Mocambo
Wed Feb 26 ’14: Kingston, ON @ Mansion
Thu Feb 27 ’14: Ottawa, ON @ Ritual
Sat Mar 1 ’14: Annapolis, MD @ Rams Head
Sun Mar 2 ’14: Philadelphia, @ PA World
Tue Mar 4 ’14: Boston, MA @ The Cavern
Wed Mar 5 ’14: New York, NY @ BB Kings

Official Websites:
Scott Ian:

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