Scion A/V & The Melvins teach about “The Bulls and The Bees”

Even though I was never really a follower of their music at the time of their inception, The Melvins were surely a band that influenced many with their blend of Punk and Metal. Formed in 1983 by Buzz Osborne the band has had a number of lineup changes over the years and currently finds Buzz along with Dale Crover, Jared Warren and Coady Willis bringing their material to new generations of fans and influencing them as well. Thanks to the folks at Scion A/V, the bands latest EP can be enjoyed for free by clicking the download link that I have posted. There are five songs to this “The Bulls And The Bees” EP and I am sure that you will like it even if you are just a casual fan like myself. I view all legally obtained free music as something that is very, very cool. Don’t you agree?

CD - Melvins - The Bulls and The Bees

To download the free EP all you need to do is click HERE.

Official Melvins Website: HERE

PS: There is a TON of stuff to download over on the Scion A/V site so please do yourself a favor and surf around their page to see what else you can add to the collection. I am pretty sure you can still find the Enslaved, Immolation and Wormrot EP’s and if you cannnot I suggest emailing them to ask how you can get them. Have fun.

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