Scion A/V and Wormrot deliver “Noise”

Even though I lean towards a more traditional style of Metal when it comes to how I feel about Grindcore stuff, there is no question about its overall intensity and the impact that it has had on that scenes fan base. Simply put, those who love it love it with the same force that it delivers to their senses. The band Wormrot hails from Singapore and they have been together since 2007. They were apparently discovered two years later by the founder of Earache Records (Digby Pearson) and signed immediately to his label. This was a perfect match for the band since so many Grindcore greats have been featured on this label such as the mighty Carcass and Napalm Death over the years. Recently the folks over at Scion A/V have provided fans the chance to download a free EP of Wormrot and this is a great way to give the band a sampling whether you are thrilled with the Grindcore sound or not. Who knows, perhaps you will find it making absolute sense to your musical palette. If you don’t enjoy it you can always delete the tunes or copy them to your friends computer or smart phone. Scion A/V has done this before with the mighty Immolation and also Enslaved. Just click their names to find links to those free EP’s. It’s time well spent.

Click To Download Wormrot’s “Noise” EP

Once again we have to thank the folks over at Scion A/V for giving it to the people and for free. There are other downloads to enjoy and as we have stressed in the brief postings about the others, share at will. Let’s get these bands the support that they are playing their asses out for. Until next time.

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