Scion A/V and Immolation offer “Providence”

The command center for PiercingMetal’s journalistic happenings is stationed in the Big Apple NYC but when it all comes down to it, we maintain a large sense of pride when it relates to any Metal band that manages to do some proper good for the genre from the state on the whole. Such is the case with the devastating might of the Yonkers based Immolation who have been crushing skulls with their powerful brand of Death Metal for the past 25 years. The band’s latest full album is entitled Majesty & Decay and comes care of their label Nuclear Blast Records. If you’ve followed the band at all in the recent times I don’t have to tell you that this is some monstrous stuff and should be played at maximum volume for best effect. If you can count on Immolation for anything after this quarter century, it is the fact that they still choose to deliver some intensely powerful Metal for the loyal followers and have never taken the easy path to cut corners. Kudos to Ross, Bob, Steve and Bill for truly keeping it real.

Recently the fine folks at Scion A/V have offered fans the chance to download five more songs from the band on an EP entitled “Providence”. The whopping price of this group of recordings is absolutely free. In this current economy this is something awesome to find happening as it does not do any harm to the band and instead puts their music into more Metal fans hands via a legal means and sends more bodies to the shows to purchase merchandise. The band will have this free EP available at their merchandise tables at the shows but you don’t have to wait for them to rumble through town to own this music. Just click HERE and you can download it straight away.

Thanks to Scion A/V for doing this for the band and further thanks to Nuclear Blast Records for being the proper home for a force of Metal nature like the mighty Immolation. I was compelled to do a quick blog posting for this and use the Musings as more of an editorial soapbox for our Metal good. It’s here to serve a myriad of purposes after all and I shall totally do this again sometime.

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