Scion A/V and Enslaved awaken “The Sleeping Gods”

This was just too cool to leave alone and not make a mention of in some fashion. It was also the perfect chance to continue to use the official blog for in an engaging way and let it adventure bravely into new and exciting Metal territory a little more than I allow it. So here is the scoop. A couple of months ago those fine folks at Scion A/V offered up a free EP by the legendary Enslaved called “The Sleeping Gods” and this five song opus is a perfect continuation of their latest full length release Axioma Ethica Odini which can be found on their label Nuclear Blast Records. These two albums when listened to in sequence will prove how the group has transcended the role of being just a Black Metal band into something that delves into both the Progressive and the Psychedelic as well. The interesting thing about this is how they do not lose an ounce of their power by doing so and can now bring in a new legion of fans and believers around the world. Nice work.

While you can most likely find the physical EP at shows that the Scion A/V folks might be working there is no need to wait for that chance and instead you can quickly and easily download “The Sleeping Gods” from the Scion site by clicking HERE. Remember that the price is an amazing $0.00 and will take you no more than five minutes to download to your iTunes or mobile device. Clearly Enslaved is worth that kind of effort on your end after giving us quality Metal for such a long time. Having already heard the EP I can say that it is awesome and something that any fans of their latest works will appreciate. It continues to remind us why the band is so important to the Black Metal genre for sure.

Thanks to Scion A/V for doing this kind of thing and please by all means keep it coming. The state of financial affairs for most of the Metal Republic is on the dire side so getting us some free music every now and again is surely appreciated. Be sure to share this link and these tunes with all of your friends because its meant to be enjoyed and for once, it is absolutely legal to do it. While you are at it, go check out the last couple of albums by Enslaved if you have not done so already because they are guaranteed to make you a fan for life.

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Enslaved has a number of amazing albums out for you to indulge in and its money well spent for a better Metal education. I’ve embedded a number of them for you to give a try at via

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