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Save The Date! Five Points Fest Will Return In 2018 – In Brooklyn!

It wasn’t that long ago that I shared the news about the second go round for the brand-new BoroughCon that held its first convention only a few months ago. As we post a lot lately, you can refresh your memory again or for the first time by clicking HERE to see that news report. Today I am here to announce that the Five Points Festival is also returning for a second year AND will also be setting up shop at the Brooklyn Expo Center. “No Sleep till Brooklyn” am I right? Now I should stress that there was not a real “Press Release” per se but instead this “Save The Date” graphic that I have shared below. It does get right to the point.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: While I didn’t attend the BoroughCon, I did go to one of the days for Five Points Festival and had a solid time at the event. All of the images and notes that I documented for our readers can be found HERE if you’d like to see them. It was a very different convention for sure and one that was focused more on Designer Toys and Comics along with some other specialty artists as opposed to numerous network television panels and Cosplay at every turn. You’ll see when you review those narratives. I figure it doesn’t hurt to remind folks of content since we are getting new readers each and every day and its best to keep everyone in the same loop. I don’t have much more to add about this one but do think its a great thing that FPF is not only returning for its second year but that it’s doing so in Greenpoint, Brooklyn which is where this convention center is. I’ve been to this event space a few times now for the “NYC Hot Sauce Expo” which the interested can learn about by clicking HERE. I grew up in the area way back in the day and its really become something interesting. This convention center is near numerous bars and restaurants and close enough to the waterfront for those visiting to get some spectacular views. While you are making note of the convention dates, please also mark off “Transmitter Park” as a place to walk over to as its only five minutes from the convention center and offers a spectacular view of our Big Apple metropolis. Alright, so are you excited about the return of Five Points Festival? I’ll be adding this to our Events Calendar as well for good measure. See you next time.

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