Film Review: “Savage Planet”

Title: “Savage Planet”
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Released: 3/14/2008
Rating: 1/5

Well, this one really sounded like it would appeal to me when I popped it in because it was set in the the far away future where Earth is no longer inhabitable and mankind must seek out a new place to continue to prosper and go on.  The film stars Sean Patrick Flannery and Sarah Danielle Madison who folks might remember from Young Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park III respectively but despite the talented actors efforts the script and dialogue are quite lacking when it comes down to it.  The film begins with an exploration team landing on what comes to be called “Planet Oxygen” which appears to be just like an Earth of the past with lush jungles and plenty of resources to help mankind carry on.  There also appears to be some sort of magical element that the planet possesses which comes off as a miracle cure and regenerator but all of these great things come with one deadly pitfall —— a species of prehistoric cannibalistic bears.

Yeah, so after the exploration team that found the place gets wiped out we of course return with more scientists to get this miracle element but the team needs to face off against these monster bears at each and every turn.  When you look at some of the scientists among the number you can pick out who might and should go first and its like watching one of those classic slasher films where you just knew who was going to get it next.  It’s not ruining it by saying that the group of them gets cut down to a smaller number in pretty short order, but I will not let you know how the end game gets played out.  Does the miracle goop make its way to the old Earth and end up as a confection in most restaurants or do the prehistoric monster bears dip the remaining scientists into it as they nosh to their hearts content?  You will have to either Netflix or purchase this one to get your answer.

This was not the worst Science Fiction film I had seen in a long time, but it sure wasn’t one of the best either. It’s watchable once and probably will have a great future as something to be picked on by some sort of Mystery Science Theater 3000 sort of thing. If you are someone who is into movies that leave you shaking your head and wanting the time you spent returned to you then this is a good way to keep that need fed. Enjoy.

Sean Patrick Flanery – Randall Cain
Reagan Pasternak – Allison Carlson
Joel S. Keller – Duncan West (as Joel Keller)
Roman Podhora – James Carlson
James McGowan – John Stotzer
Kevin Hanchard – Vickers
Sarah Danielle Goldberg – Gretchen Miller (as Sarah Danielle Madison)
Anthony Ashbee – Joe Alvares
David Sparrow – Carter Mason
Marie Ward – Ellen Bertzyk (as Brandi Marie Ward)
Michelle Stephenson – Keira Blackburn
Jake Simons – Edward Harling

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