“Sardonic Wrath” by Darkthrone

Artist: Darkthrone
Title: “Sardonic Wrath”
Label: Moonfog Productions/The End Records
Release Date: 1/18/2005
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3/10

It was interesting to hear this recording by Darkthrone for a couple of reasons. The first is that while this Norwegian deliverer of the Black Metal genre has been around since 1986 that they have not really seemed to grow and mature in the genre. As I listened I found myself eager to skip around the CD rather than complete each song to a full listen. This was due to the limited scope of the recording and the absolute absence of anything new. Instead this is an album full of “been there and done that”. The past few years for Black Metal have been interesting in the developments made by Dimmu Borgir and others like Borknagar. Taking the roots of their Black Metal styling and then incorporating numerous aspects such as mixed vocals and orchestrations. Such things are not selling out but instead fostering the genre for a new generation and making it fresh for those who have followed them for years. The three players on the album are the two longest standing members Fenriz (drums) and Nocturno Culto (electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals) along with Apollyon who sings on “Hate Is the Law”

As a result of this lack of forward thinking Darkthrone risks staying at the same level of support and their effect on music of this style to stagnate. Perhaps they are comfortable in this position or perhaps they don’t care to change. Either way I found nothing of interest on this album and can recommend that only core followers or die hards look into this. Everyone else should pass and while I am sure to meet with some backlash based on the rating I felt that they could have offered the Genre something different after so much time at it. The CD does come with lyrics and a couple of ominous images for the fan to enjoy.

Track Listing:
1. Order Of The Ominous
2. Information Wants To Be Syndicated
3. Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist
4. Straightening Sharks In Heaven
5. Alle Gegen Alle
6. Man Tenker Sitt
7. Sacrificing To The God Of Doubt
8. Hate Is The Law
9. Rawness Obsolete

Official Website: www.darkthrone.no

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