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“Santa Baby” (Single) by Me First and The Gimme Gimmes

Artist: Me First and The Gimme Gimmes
Title: “Santa Baby” (Single)
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Release Date: 11/30/2018
Genre: Punk/Holiday
Rating: 4/5

Truth be told, the band Me First and The Gimme Gimmes is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me since everything that I listen to from them just puts me in a fun and rocking mood. For those in the unaware, MFATGG are technically a cover band but one that makes lightning fast renditions of the classics they do and even toss in teasers from other songs to see if you’re paying attention. I’d compare them to being a Punk Rock version of The Nerds if you needed more information about what they are. You’re going to want to look up albums like “Have A Ball” and “Are A Drag” when time permits but with my being on a Holiday Hootnanny kick with Christmastime heading our way, I was stoked to learn that they had offered up their own version of the classic “Santa Baby” which was originally sung by Eartha Kitt. She played Catwoman at one point on the classic “Batman” television series if you didn’t know.

The song begins with Fat Mike beginning the number on ukulele but that is as slow as it gets because once the full band gets going its full steam ahead as they blaze through this usually charming and mellow Christmas tune. When MFATGG bring their game to the table, it will send you out into the circle pit or put you in slam dancing mode since this is a Punk outfit after all. It’s a blast to hear Mike asking Santa for all the extravagant gifts that Eartha had on her own Christmas list for sure. Running at barely 3 minutes in length, you can easily check this number out during the commercial breaks of “Survivor” or anything else that you might be tuning in to and I suggest that you do because Jolly Saint Nick is only happy when you do what you are told. Now that December is here you still have time to get your gifts in order and be rest assured that more tracks like this will be added to the website once I discover them. I’m only planning on doing a bunch of “Ghosts Of Christmas Past” posts on our Official Facebook so come “Like The Page” if you aren’t already doing so.

Track Listing:
1. Santa Baby

Official Website:

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