Sadness; American Beauty NYC Club Has Closed

Though we’re firm in the belief that the New 2018 Year is loaded with potential promise, good times to be had and awesome events, there does come a bit of sadness with the tolling of the bell as it pertains to the space that once housed the American Beauty NYC club. Take a look at the official statement that was making the rounds earlier today.

The Statement: “It is with a heavy heart that we announce our doors closed after December 31st 2017. Our home at 251 West 30th Street was purchased by Herald Square Properties in 2016, who are renovating the building and renting to new tenants. We’d like to thank our loyal staff, customers and every artist who’s performed on our stages for a magical run.  Although it’s sad to say goodbye to our Midtown party factory for now, we are happy for the memories that will live on with those who experienced it. Fare Thee Well”.

club slake, slake
Club Slake (2015) by KP

PiercingMetal Thoughts: According to my records, I’ve NEVER been to American Beauty NYC but have been in the same space that it was when it was using other names on the marquee (Club Rebel and Slake for reference sake). I always had a decent time in the space and felt that a lot of the bands who were coming through were only going to be able to book shows for their regional fans here based on the size of the place. Several months ago, NYC lost Webster Hall to its new owners and potentially two-year long renovations. The smaller spaces in that venue don’t appear to be coming back in the new configuration so losing another smaller venue to development and new renters is a bit of a sad thing to me because we already had lost Santos Party House which was for many artists the perfect size space. I love seeing shows and I love when the more austere bands out there find their way into an event space like this because its perfect for their needs. Recently the bands Tyketto and Jason Bieler (of Saigon Kick) each had played here to very positive responses and so much for catching them here the next time around. So another one down as NYC seeks to stop being NYC each and every month. If you were a regular patron here, I wonder what you think about this news. Chime in down below. Thanks ABNYC for serving up the music for the time that you did. Ciao.

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