“Sacrament” by Lamb Of God

Artist: Lamb Of God
Title: “Sacrament”
Label: Epic Records
Release Date: 8/22/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

Is there any doubt about Lamb Of God being one of the most important and vital of the American Metal bands on the scene today? I would have to say that there isn’t when it comes to the manner and delivery of Metal that these guys are dishing out with their new masterpiece “Sacrament”. There have been references about the band following in the footsteps of or becoming the next Pantera based on the levels of brutality that their music and shows promote. It is not very far from becoming the truth as over and over the band has proven they are nothing less than exemplary at what they do. Opener “Walk With Me In Hell” finds the growling Blythe in command and he seems in better vocal control than on “Ashes Of The Wake”. I am sure that I will get some flack from this, but I mean it in the sense of overall consistency and strength demonstrated by his voice on every song. The production efforts of Machine make this recording standout all the more and as a result the double guitar shredding of Willie Adler and Mark Morton isn’t convoluted but instead is razor sharp. Drummer Chris Adler once again proves he is all about testing the limits on the type of drumming permitted in this brand of Metal. On every track he is providing quick double-bass, intricate fills and thunderous drumming power. The performance he gives on “Descending” plays like a syncopation exercise for the technical drummer. Bass man John Campbell ably holds the whole mechanism together and shows tremendous feel. Beginning to end this is a fantastic album that delivers on numerous levels while at the same time remains very Heavy, intense and brutal as Hell. Despite this level of quality the listener is still recommended to see Lamb Of God in concert to fully understand what the hype is being built up about. Believe me there is not much hype to all this positive press.

With “Sacrament”, Lamb Of God as shown levels of musical growth and is proving that such growth does not come at the sacrifice of the heaviness of the group. More bands need to pay attention to the way that Lamb Of God is mapping out not only their own future, but that of the generations of Metal legions who follow them as well. Randall Blythe invites you to walk with him in Hell. How many of you are brave enough to accept the invitation?

Song Listing:
1. Walk With Me In Hell
2. Again We Rise
3. Redneck
4. Pathetic
5. Foot To The Throat
6. Descending
7. Blacken The Cursed Sun
8. Forgotten (Lost Angels)
9. Requiem
10. More Time To Kill
11. Beating On Death’s Door

Official Web site: www.lamb-of-god.com

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