Rush Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of “Rush” (1974-2014)

You are not reading this incorrectly nor do you need glasses to make more sense of the copy in front of you but its true – today is indeed the fortieth anniversary of the debut album by Canadian Progessive Rock Legends, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rush!!! The album itself was much more in tune with other Hard Rock bands of the time such as Led Zeppelin and Cream and this made sense as this was the rising in popularity stuff in the youthful musicians around the world. The band at the time was Geddy Lee (on bass, vocals and keys), Alex Liefson (guitars) and John Rutsey (drums) and this would be the only recorded album to be released with Rutsey behind the kit. He would leave and be replaced by the great Neil Peart. Listening to it on its anniversary one has to wonder what the future might have held for Rush as a band if they stuck to this particular sound as opposed to morphing into the Progessive Rock juggernaut that they ended up.

There is a tight sound to this release and while I was no way into Rush at the time that this first came out I do look back on it with some interest as an adult fan of music and find overall that is had a great appeal. I wonder what some of my friends who would have been picking this up with their own money back then when it came out might have thought. I should reach out to them about it. I’m keeping this one a simple raising of the glass and will not over examine the release but I do send kudos to Geddy and Alex on a job well done and a career most commendably maintained. Sadly the world lost John Rutsey in 2008 to an apparent heart attack and while this was the only release he would be captured on in terms of recordings, his skills were important to the foundations of Rush and for that we send thanks as well. The album was remastered in 1997 and while in some cases the packaging was expanded upon there were no “secret tracks” unveiled. It was 1997 and that stuff was not as common as it is in today’s music geography.

Track Listing:
1. Finding My Way
2. Need Some Love
3. Take A Friend
4. Here Again
5. What You’re Doing
6. In The Mood
7. Before And After
8. Working Man

Now as I have already admitted, I was not into Rush since the beginning and it took me until “Permanent Waves” or “Hemispheres” to get a proper immersion into their output. Of course the friend who first played them for me would make sure that I looked back on their catalog. That being said my faves from the debut fell to the standards of “Finding My Way”, “In The Mood” and of course the seminal classic “Working Man”. What were your favorites from this particular album or when did you first get exposure to its tracks if you were a latter day Rush fan like myself. I have left the comments open for you to share with the readers and I.

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