Rockin’ In Brooklyn @ The Bell House

These days you don’t have to trek all the way into Manhattan to have a seriously rocking time. Here’s why….

Over the last couple of years Brooklyn, New York has been showing their ability to compete with the concert halls and clubs of Manhattan with the continual developments over in Williamsburg. The region is a stones throw or quick train ride from the Lower East Side and if you are over there you will notice a great number of clubs such as The Music Hall Of Williamsburg and Public Assembly along with many others that I’ve not listed.  I used to go to the Music Hall when it was called The North Six but have not been there since the renovation and I admit that Public Assembly is still a bit of a mystery to me so I need to get there soon. Of course those places are not the reason I am composing this post but a not too long ago opened space a little closer to PiercingMetal HQ is.  In Park Slope down near the Gowanus canal on 7th Street right off Third Avenue you will find a club called The Bell House and while it has been here for about two years by my best guess, it was not really known for having any Heavy Metal bands in for shows and seemed to lean towards a more Alt-Rock and Indie aesthetic among other things.  As you walk down the block and first see it you will notice how its very non-decript from the outside.

Bell House Main Entrance

My never being here before status would change when the band Lizzy Borden was set to perform over the summer with Brooklyn’s own Black Water Rising as their opening act.  I had not yet seen Lizzy as a headliner even though I had listened to him for a number of years and with the chance to enjoy him at a new space to my Metal senses I could hardly wait.   From PiercingMetal HQ this venue is very easy to get to.  With me living in Bay Ridge, all I need to do is catch the local R train on 4th Avenue and get off at the 9th Street station.  From there its not even a ten minute walk to the club.  Once inside you see a large bar and lounge area with chairs, tables and some couches.  I didn’t think to take a photo of that since I had not originally planned to muse about this but if I return soon I will make edits. They serve some select dishes here for a bar nosh and have a lot of different beers but I didn’t eat and stuck with the standard Bud Lite so I cannot speak on any of that at this particular time.

On the opposite side of this large bar area there is the section where the main concerts are held and off to the left side of the stage is another massive bar.  Sorry for the darkness of the shot, many of the lights were still off as they were setting up.  Still you get the idea. There is a small performance space in the other bar but it seems to be mostly small singer/songwriter acoustic kind of stuff as opposed to a full on rocking gig. They might even use this for speaking engagements and readings.

This shot shows that same bar from across the floor space in front of the main stage.  As you can see it is nice sized. Scattered around the floor are some tables and a couple of wooden booth like chairs.  I guess depending on the crowd that they move these around or out of the way.

Lizzy Borden Soundcheck from The Bell House

Here is a view of the stage and while you cannot actually tell its size from this I can tell you that it appears to be a little bigger than that of the Mercury Lounge and perhaps is about the same as that of B.B. King Blues Club.  In terms of audience space I would have to say that it is almost that of B.B.’s and far larger than Mercury.  That should help a little. My guess is a little over 350 people and almost up to 400 could maneuver in here.

A slightly different view of the stage which is now prepared for the main act’s performance and those tables that I mentioned a little earlier.  The young lady is a member of the club staff and she just happened to be standing there when I took the photo.

Above the heads of the audience in the main room is a very large and ornate chandelier.  I liked the look of it and decided to share this with you as well.   All in all this was a great venue to visit and I really enjoyed the Lizzy set and the sound that was being put forth over the audio equipment.  I think a couple of Hardcore acts have appeared here since that actual Metal show and based on its offerings I can only hope that more Metal bands make an appearance in Brooklyn at this space.  You can learn more about the venue and what they have for you to enjoy on their official link which I have listed below.  Check it out. You can also enjoy the full concert report about Lizzy Borden and Black Water Rising by clicking HERE.

Official Website:

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  1. The place looks cool and I definitely want to check it out. The second smaller stage gives me an idea. Just as I performed my “one man show” bewteen band sets at some metal festivals at THE HOOK (in place of the soundman spinning tunes), the smaller stage here could be an ideal place for me to do so if the opportunity presented itself. My One man show is me on electric guitar with programmed drums and base backing me up. A Joe Satriani type of thing. Though I also have songs with vocals and a guest singer could join me onstage, like Overlorde’s singer.

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