“Rockford” by Cheap Trick

Artist: CheapTrick
Title: “Rockford”
Label: Big3 Records
Release Date: 6/6/2006
Genre: Rock
Rating: 4/5

Cheap Trick has always proved to be a consistent source of quality Rock and Roll and with “Rockford”, they have done it once again. This album would be their third release outside of the major label arena and come to the fans care of Big 3 Records. “Rockford” starts off with “Welcome To The World” and it’s a jumping opener that delivers the same kind of energy that the band gives their fans on the concert stage. “Come On” is one of those quick typical sing along tracks that the guys excelled at and while radio has not seen a Cheap Trick hit since “The Flame” I found “Perfect Stranger” and “If It Takes A Lifetime” would have been perfect material for the medium. The terrestrial radio world is far different from the time it regularly had Cheap Trick music showcased on it and now as a result perhaps the growing Satellite stations and cable music feeds is the best idea for this band going forward. The lineup is again the originals with Robin Zander (vocals), Rick Neilsen (guitar), Tom Petersson (bass) and Bun E. Carlos (drums) – I think it’s fantastic to see that after all these years that the band still delivers and has not been through 10 membership changes. It keeps the vibe that they started long ago running just as fresh and fun as it always had been. There is a cute booklet that features the animated caricatures of the group and despite their music and lyrics being very catchy and easy to remember they did not include lyrics to the songs. I feel this would have locked the piece up for me yet overall it is a very consistent album and for a band around as long as Cheap Trick there is nothing else that I expected of them.

Younger listeners especially ones who are in bands would do well to pay attention to this band as an influencer. Cheap Trick shows you that Rock still does just that – there is nothing resembling the boredom of mainstream Rock of today on this album. Check this album out and rock once again with Cheap Trick. While you’re at it go find a “Greatest Hits” package and “Live At Budokan” as both are requirements in ones CD collection.

Track Listing:
1. Welcome To The World
2. Perfect Stranger
3. If It Takes A Lifetime
4. Come On Come On Come On
5. O Claire
6. This Time You Got It
7. Give It Away
8. One More
9. Every Night And Every Day
10. Dream The Night Away
11. All Those Years
12. Decaf

Official Website: www.cheaptrick.com

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