“Rocket Ride” by Edguy

Artist: EdGuy
Title: “Rocket Ride”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 1/20/2006
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 7/10

EdGuy is at it once again. Following their teaser EP release of “Superheroes”, they have delivered “Rocket Ride” to the public. Fans that have purchased the EP need not worry about having too much duplication across the piece; in typical EdGuy fashion, the EP only features one new track. The remainder of it was composed of unreleased live or studio tracks. “Superheroes” is the only song from the EP on “Rocket Ride” and it is definitely a catchy number. As I listened to the album I found that they bring you in slowly to the release instead of in the pounding manner that “Hellfire Club” did. “Sacrifice” is a tricky song which starts slow, then rocks, only to slow again before it kicks in. Tobias is a classic styled Rock Star and takes his creativity to heights on every song. One of the strongest natures of appeal in EdGuy is not only their catchy brand of Melodic Power Metal but also in the level of harmony chorus backups present in most of their songs. Because of this, the songs seem crafted in such a manner that it is very easy to find yourself singing along even at first listen. I felt that with songs like “Superheroes”, “Catch Of The Century” and “Wasted Time”, the group is leaning a little more to the “radio-friendly” side. You can’t blame them in this approach since it will hopefully bring more listeners to their shows and boost album sales. However, there is sufficient ass-kicking on songs like “Rocket Ride” and “Return To The Tribe”. The latter tune has an awesome guitar effect which actually sounds like Tobias is singing the solo. It also has a slight resemblance to “Fallen Angels”, from the must-have release “Mandrake”. The band’s very manic sense of humor and fun are showcased in songs like “Trinidad” and “Fucking With Fire”. Fans of slower numbers will enjoy the softer side Tobias has during “Save Me”, which serves as the Power Ballad of the recording.

Production-wise, this album is on-point and that is due to the work of Sascha Paeth (who is a force to be reckoned with in the area of Power Metal these days). I admit that I am jaded about this group as I enjoy their music very much and have seen them prove the level of talent they possess on the concert stage several times. “Rocket Ride” is a very good record and I can advise that all fans who might be curious to get on board will enjoy themselves. This is their second release on Nuclear Blast Records, and by now you should no longer be asking “Who is this EdGuy?”. Give this a shot and be sure to support them in concert; it’s a good time. Trust me.

Track Listing:
1. Sacrifice
2. Rocket Ride
3. Wasted Time
4. Matrix
5. Return To The Tribe
6. The Asylum
7. Save Me
8. Catch Of The Century
9. Out Of Vogue
10. Superheroes
11. Trinidad
12. Fucking With Fire

Official Website: www.EdGuy.net

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