“Rock Savage” by Zodiac Mindwarp

Artist: Zodiac Mindwarp
Title: “Rock Savage”
Label: Cosmodelic Records
Release: September 15, 2005
Genre: Goth/Heavy Metal
Rating: 5/10

Zodiac Mindwarp, originally a band that started out in Canada and abruptly moved to England soon after. If you have any familiarity to them the only tune that will come to mind is “Prime Mover” (released in 1988 as I recall). This was pretty much their only hit while they also had some great tunes on previous records. However, this record comes to us in 2005 and the band consists of Zodiac Mindwarp himself (aka Mark Manning) on vocals, Cobalt Stargazer on guitar, Jack Shitt on bass, and Robbie Vomm on drums. This band has seen so many lineup changes over the years that it’s hard to keep track. This new album “Rock Savage” is what they came up with, and it’s far from anything savage and hanging on to rock.

The album has this long, long intro building you up to…nothing. Pretty mellow beat throughout the record and just when you think it’s going to break into some crazy guitars and rock, it doesn’t. “Rock Savage” is one of the weakest songs I can think of to start your album out with, lack of energy and lyrics that just drip with the typical rock clichés – drugs, booze, girls, coke. Same story and same line over and over again but at least make it interesting! As you move on nothing really gets too much better. The whole time I’m anticipating something amazing and it’s all the same mid tempo and lifeless vocals. I really liked the guitars on the track “Nowhere” and for a minute there it sounded like there was going to be an all out rock n’ roll spurt coming but it withered and died only to end on the same mid-tempo again. For someone who lists T. Rex and AC/DC as their influences, this is quite the letdown. Being a fan of them for years, it was a disappointment after hearing this, you can’t expect a band to be totally amazing every time, everyone has an off day, but this was really off and not nearly as dangerous and dirty rock as the title or cover let’s you believe. If you’re a true fan, give it a listen, but honestly it’s more for your collection then a record you’ll remember. First time fans starting out, I would recommend picking up “Tattoo Beat Messiah” then you’ll see Zodiac in their full glory.

Track Listing:
1. Rock Savage
2. I Got Love
3. Love Will Conquer All
4. Northern Boy
5. You’re My Girl
6. Nowhere
7. Let It Fall
8. I Don’t Like It
9. Who’s That Girl
10. California
11. Alice (Bonus Track)
12. Hog Mama (Bonus Track)
13. Love Will Conquer All (Bonus Track)

Official Website: http://www.zodiacmindwarp.com

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