Rock Pioneer Lou Reed Has Died (10/27/2013)

The news is blasting around the Internet as I compose this post for you all and its indeed true, Rock Pioneer Lou Reed has passed away at age 71.

Photo - Lou Reed

Lewis Allan Reed was born in Brooklyn back in 1942 and was a founder of The Velvet Underground with John Cale and while this band was not the biggest commercial success, each of the musicians went on to larger greatness after the group disbanded. Like most of the Rock fans that are in my own circle, I guess that I can say that I came to know what Lou Reed was all about with the “Walk On The Wild Side” track but I must admit that I never seemed to “get” what Lou was doing in the larger sense. It happens sometimes but considering just how many of my musical friends that found him deeply and profoundly influential to what they were doing I guess its safe to say that I was not listening hard enough. I did like the music he contributed to one of my favorite animated features ever called “Rock and Rule”. In the film he was the sound behind the films villain Mok and we got “My Name Is Mok” and “Triumph” from him in that one.

Since I cannot properly speak to Lou’s complete impact on the music scene I will leave it as a respectful nod on a several decade career that was loaded with innumerable accomplishments. Some were better than others for sure, and if you don’t know what I mean then perhaps you can ask the Metal fans what they thought about his collaboration with Metallica on the oddly received “Lulu” album of 2011. My guess is that many who panned this recording will be finding it a work of genius now that Lou has passed on. I write this because he openly said how he didn’t care much for what reviewers thought and simply did what he felt like doing with music. One cannot fault that view.

Back in May of this year Lou received a liver transplant and was reported to be healthy and strong and at the time of this writing there was no reported cause. Perhaps there were some complications that even he was not aware of. Rest in Peace Lou Reed and know that you did inspire many with your music and even left large groups of others trying to decipher what it was you were trying to do. I guess those puzzles will remain a mystery but thank you for your contributions to the larger music geography and for being a pioneer at the craft. PiercingMetal sends condolences to his family, former band mates and worldwide fan supporters.

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