“Rock My World” by Bret Michaels

Artist: Bret Michaels
Title: “Rock My World”
Label: VH1 Classic
Release Date: 6/3/2008
Genre: Rock & Roll
Rating: 3.5/5

If you were one of the millions of VH1 viewers who found themselves hopelessly addicted to the shenanigans on “Rock Of Love” season one and two then have I got an album for you. If for some reason you don’t know about the program let me first congratulate you on waking from the two year long media coma that you must have been in for there didn’t seem to be a way to avoid the show unless that was the case, or that you had been on a jungle expedition for the same length of time. Either way, the program was another one of those “reality” shows but this one in particular followed the adventures of Poison’s singer Bret Michaels as he sought to find true love. “Rock My World” can easily be viewed as the soundtrack for the show and a number of the tunes will strike a familiar chord in the listeners who watched it and perhaps will even call to mind a particular scene from the show as Bret interacted with one striking woman after another in hopes of finding his significant other. As far as reality programming went it was a success at being as addictive as chocolate.

The album only features four new tracks from the singer and all of them hail from the program for the most part. “Go That Far” is a solid rocker that I can see the girls jumping onto the bar to dance along to while “Fallen” is a beautiful ballad that works well alongside others that the guitarist singer has written during his career. It’s not as good as “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” or “Something To Believe” in, but those tracks are now classics and hard to repeat the lightning strike on. “Start Again” is almost poignant as it called to mind the first go round with the show where his choice didn’t pan out and he found himself doing the process again and have a whole new crop of beauties come in to try and win him over. I know you feel as bad for the poor lucky SOB as I do but I digress. The other tracks “Menace To Society”, “Bittersweet”, “Raine”, “Songs Of Life” and “It’s My Party” all originally come from his 2003 solo effort “Songs Of Life”, while “All I Ever Needed”, “Right Now, Right Here” and “Driven” hail from 2005’s “Freedom Of Sound”. Given this, the album almost becomes a greatest hits release for Bret’s work and if you were looking for completely new numbers you would be disappointed. I didn’t own the original albums that these songs came from but can say that their inclusion serves the purpose as possibly his best solo work since all of them were listenable tunes that were rather enjoyable. My particular favorites from this batch included “Raine” (a song dedicated to his daughter with the same name) and “All I Ever Needed”, which was another ballad. This one finds the beautiful voice of Jessica Andrews helping Bret with some of the vocals. If you are a die hard Bret Michaels fan then you might enjoy this just the same since the lyrics are included along with a number of photos. The other thing to make mention of is how the album does NOT sound like a clone of Poison, which allows for a conventional Rock and Roll fan who might hate the Glam Rock stuff the chance to enjoy it.

“Rock Of Love” will return for Season 3 and I am sure that once you catch up to the reruns that air on VH1 continually that you will join the rest of us as we cross our fingers for Bret once again as he hopes that Cupids arrow hits him right where it is supposed to. Good luck Bret.

Track Listing:
1. Go That Far
2. Driven
3. Fallen
4. Raine
5. Bittersweet
6. Start Again
7. Songs Of Life
8. Strange Sensation
9. All I Ever Needed
10. Menace To Society
11. Right Now, Right Here
12. It’s My Party (2008 mix)

Official Website: www.poisonweb.com
Official Website: www.bretmichaels.com

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