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Rob Halford’s “Donner and Blitzen” Official Video

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I have to admit that the last thing that I am thinking about a few days after Labor Day is Christmastime but when you learn that the legendary Metal God of Judas Priest, Mr. Rob Halford has revealed the first taste of his upcoming Christmas album then you make an exception. It’s been just over ten years since Halford released his first Christmas album with “Winter Songs” (and that was reviewed way back when on THIS POST). The new album is called “Celestial” and this in-studio performance clip is a video for the song “Donner and Blitzen”. Those are two of Santa’s flying reindeer in case you didn’t know that for some reason. Let’s watch.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Visually speaking, this is a pretty standard in the studio recorded clip but Halford looks great in his jet-black leather trench coat and shades. The song is a catchy one and musically might remind fans a little bit of “Judas Rising” from “Angel Of Retribution” and “Lightning Strike” from the bands most recent “Firepower” album. Halford using a familiar theme reminded me a little of how Twisted Sister reworked a lot of their classics to give us “A Twisted Christmas”. The guitars and drums are solid but I am sad that I do not know who the players are at the time of this early reveal. Though I enjoyed the clip, I didn’t really like some of the effects that were tossed onto the top of it and felt with this being a Christmas themed track that they should have placed Halford in a snowy setting or used more whites and blues as opposed to the deep reds and yellows that we got instead. Now I haven’t heard anything else from the album and that comes out next month sometime. Yes my friends “Celestial” will arrive before its even Halloween so clearly The Metal Claus I mean God, wants you to have your shopping done nice and early. A fun tune for sure and one that makes me look forward to hearing the rest.

Update: 10/18/2019 – Joining Rob Halford are Nigel Halford (drums), Alex Hill (bass/vocals), Robert Jones (lead and rhythm guitars/keyboards), Jon Blakey (lead and rhythm guitars), Mike Exeter (keyboards), Sue Halford (jingle bells), Phil Ridden (keyboards)

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