Roadrunner Records Presents: Dream Theater “The Spirit Carries On” (Part One)

As we shared back in September of last year, Dream Theater’s founding drummer Mike Portnoy had quit the band and now they share a video series from an exhausting search that featured “7” of the world’s greatest drummers. The official low down on the clip is below and then you can sit back, relax and watch the interesting proceedings.

About The Clip: September 2010: Progressive titans Dream Theater were ready to work on their new album when the unthinkable happened. Their drummer and close friend, Mike Portnoy, left the band. Floored, the band invited 7 of the worlds greatest drummers to try out and documented all of the auditions. Enjoy the first episode of the three part series.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I really don’t want to add too much editorial opinion to this series since it’s a new sort of thing to be sharing with the readers of the PiercingMetal Musings Blog. I do like that I get the means to do this sort of thing a little easier than the hard coding of the HTML review pages but I digress. As far as this short film goes, I did think that this was cool and that right out of the gate that Mike Mangini showed off some SUPERB chops. He also was the only drummer in the feature which makes me wonder how much higher in the running he actually is. I loved the big kit that he used and will be pulling for him over most of the others. No offense to them all. What did you think? Let us know down below.

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