Revisiting The “Metal Resolutions of 2012”

Last year, as 2011 was drawing to a close, I found myself wondering what many of the musical personality that I had come into contact with as a music journalist had as their “New Year’s Metal Resolution” for the coming year of 2012. This led me to asking a whole lot of them and seeing if they would publicly offer up their answers. When a bunch of them did I posted them all as a series of narratives that you all can enjoy via the link below in the event that you somehow missed them when they ran or if you are a new reader. You might find it interesting to see which of these Metal Resolutions had come to fruition over the course of this past year or maybe you just would enjoy getting a glimpse into an artists brain for a moment.

So why the reflection on the series from last year? Well, I am glad you asked because since it worked out so well in 2011 and was something that I really loved being able to present to you, I have decided to do it again and our new series will begin running on 12/26 until just after 2013 begins. The 2011 Series had a full 70 quotes from the artists and as I look at my email for what is coming in for the 2012 Series, I can already honestly say that we have surpassed that number. That is a very cool thing for sure. For this year’s series I made one minor change and that was to easily allow some other participants; The change was swapping “Metal” for “Music” and asking “What Is Your New Year’s Music Resolution for 2013”

To see what they had to say, check back with the Official Blog for PiercingMetal on 12/26

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