“Return To Childhood” by Fish

Artist: Fish
Title: “Return To Childhood”
Label: Snapper Music
Release Date: 6/6/2006
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 8/10

Marillion’s “Misplaced Childhood” is one of the most important albums ever to hit Progressive Rock as far as being commercially appealing. The lyrical poetry of singer Fish (Derek Dick) brought the music to life with its vivid and detailed storytelling. When Fish left the band Marillion became an entirely different entity while Fish continued to perform under his original and established model. His releases “Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors” and “Internal Exile” showed that he would not lose his touch or style. Since his departure Fish has released eight albums while Marillion has done about the same yet despite their individuality it always boiled down to “Misplaced Childhood” as being one of the lynchpins in their mutual successes. Marillion today hardly leans of any “Fish-era” tunes while Fish himself always makes a good number of them part of his performance. As the principle writer of the material he has every right to this and should not be lambasted as “living off” his Marillion years. One could hardly accuse Roger Waters of Pink Floyd of this, so Fish deserves the same respects. Because of his touring and his frequent requests to do something to celebrate these years Fish gives us this live recording which is a double CD of musical treasures. Not only do we find Fish classics but we also have Marillion staples; the biggest part of the package is the full performance of “Misplaced Childhood”. Recorded in 2005 we find a more mature Fish holding court with his six-piece band and delivering the music with a newfound zeal and appreciation. Many feel that “Clutching At Straws” was the bands signature Fish epic, but I am among many who feel the glory rests in “Misplaced” being that particular release.

The packaging of the album is also top-notch and covered with the artwork of Mark Wilkinson (who did the original “Misplaced Childhood” album). The cover finds a heavy in thought Fish surrounded by images of his past and it gives you a solid sense of the mood he is going to perform on the recording. There are also extensive liner notes from Fish where he gives his ideas and opinions on the original album and what led him to the decision to record it live for its 20th Anniversary. For many years the album has been my very favorite Marillion recording and getting to hear it performed completely by Fish and his band was exciting when it came down to it. Fish as a performer deserves a great amount of respect for his delivery of well thought out lyrical epics put to music. This is a must have for the fans of older Marillion music and especially those who miss his presence in the band. Sadly, both sides of the group face a limited audience and are off the map in terms of well-deserved exposure. “Return To Childhood” is probably the closest many of us will come to being able to enjoy Fish in concert so I suggest you grab a copy of this while you can, you will not be disappointed.

Song Listing:
1. Big Wedge
2. Moving Targets
3. Brother 52
4. Goldfish And Clowns
5. Raingods Dancing
6. Wake Up Call (Make it Happen)
7. Innocent Party
8. Long Cold Day
9. Credo
10. Pseudo Silk Kimono
11. Kayleigh
12. Lavender
13. Bitter Suite
14. Heart Of Lothian
15. Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)
16. Lords Of The Backstage
17. Blind Curve
18. Childhood’s End?
19. White Feather
20. Incommunicado
21. Market Square Heroes
22. Fugazi

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