“Resurrection” by Chimaira

Artist: Chimaira
Title: “Resurrection”
Label: Ferret Music
Release Date: 3/6/2007
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

2007 finds former Roadrunner Records artist Chimaira armed with a new label, a toughened resolve and firm perspective as they offer their following a “Resurrection”. Now as a part of the Ferret Music family the band can get back to the business of auditory assault once again. As soon as the CD begins it finds the band slamming it down and feeling so in-synch with each other that the listener can feel it on almost every track. It opens with “Resurrection”, which is a powerful number and this will set the pace for that which is experienced on the rest of the album. Lead singer Mark Hunter speaks of the album as being the “most-together” that the band had ever been in their history and this would be an album about rebirth. You will find that Chimaira is still holding true to their Metalcore roots and there is a lot of the Groove Metal that they became widely known for present here as well. They also feel that this is their heaviest and most technical piece to date and I tend to agree with that statement from the moment that songs like “Six” begin to play. This number is an epic, and runs a full nine minutes in length – its not often the kind of track one finds a band like this delivering for once you surpass the five minute mark you are pushing the limits of personal punishment. This contribution to the release surely shows that one of Metalcore’s purest contributors have really grown in style over the years. They change things around with the elements found in “Black Heart”, one of the better tracks here which has an almost Middle Eastern guitar vibe intro that’s more suitable to bands like Melechesh. The production on the release is also quite strong which works when it is a band of this caliber and had the finesse of Jason Suecof (Trivium, God Forbid) while additional production came care of Andy Sneap (Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Killswitch Engage). Overall the album shows very clearly that the Metal fury is still beating strong in this band.

There is a deluxe edition of the CD which comes with an alternate cover as well as a bonus DVD that gives insight to the recording of the new album. They change their normal CD ending process here by excluding their known for instrumentals in this area and instead throttling the fans once more with a number that is borderline Black Metal. The album also marks the return of the bands original drummer Andols Herrick. Clearly member changes and label swaps have not affected the resurrection of Chimaira.

Chimaira is: Mark Hunter (vocals), Matt DeVries (rhythm guitar), Rob Arnold (lead guitar), Jim LaMarca (bass), Andols Herrick (drums), and Chris Spicuzza (keyboard/samples).

Track Listing:
1. Resurrection
2. Pleasure In Pain
3. Worthless
4. Six
5. No Reason To Live
6. Killing The Beast
7. The Flame
8. End It All
9. Black Heart
10. Needle
11. Empire

Official Website: www.chimaira.com

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