“Rest Inside The Flames” by 36 Crazyfists

Artist: 36 Crazyfists
Title: “Rest Inside The Flames”
Label: DRT Entertainment
Release Date: 11/7/2006
Genre: Post Hardcore
Rating: 3.5/5

Having moved on from Roadrunner Records the band 36 Crazyfists is a newly signed act to DRT Entertainment. This might have been a good move for the Post Hardcore meets Melodic Metalcore guys in 36 Crazyfists as they give us their third album “Rest Inside The Flames”. The release is a significant Metal punch to the teeth as they use the Hardcore vibe straight away, but in a slightly different move from some bands that blend in the Melodic aspect, 36CF are often using the both of them at the same time. I found this a great dynamic instead of the continual switching on and off of the styles. I felt that it worked so much that by the end of my listen I had wished that they had only used the clean vocal since it was so good. Songs like “On Any Given Night” are fantastic and serve to save the listener from the crop of Emo bands dished out and somehow popular. The drive and delivery of 36CF is bound to please those who are looking for some levels of anger in their music but also those who are seeking more melody than a lot of other bands are offering. There’s a lot of flavors on the album and they even offer some tribute to their homelands on the cut “Aurora”, a song which they said is about love and it’s magic that can be inspired by the magnificent Northern Lights. If that’s not off the beaten path from other heavy bands I don’t know what else is. There is also a lot of cool music on the release as well as far as time signatures and overall technical display.

The band has been around since 1994 so their time together shows in the tightness of the performance on the recording. This resulting tightness makes songs like “Felt Through A Phone Line” among the best on the album and a sure fire hit once it gets to the proper ears. Now despite the harmonies on a number of tracks there is still the continual assault which you find especially on tracks like “Elysium”; the number is a one-two punch of Metal force which makes it interesting to realize that the band takes their very name from one of Jackie Chan’s Kung-Fu movies. In similar fashion to that kind of film the band hits you hard and from a number of different angles leaving you as a listener very clearly remembering what has hit you. There is a lot of fun to be had with this album and there is a very live feel to the music that should transfer well to the group’s performances.

The band is made up of Brock Lindow (vocals), Thomas Noonan (drums), Steve Holt (guitar) and Mike Whitney (bass) and originally hail from Alaska. It’s not a bad selection to make if you like the sort of stuff that they do but I feel they need to keep using the clean vocals more over the growls. We are finding too many bands appearing on a regular basis that soon there will be too many to decide from. Only the best ones will stand out. 36CF has the chance to be one off these standouts if they play the cards right.

Track Listing:
1. I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops
2. Felt Through A Phone Line
3. On Any Given Night
4. Elysium
5. The Descent
6. Midnight Swim
7. Aurora
8. Will Pull This In By Hand
9. We Cannot Deny
10. Between The Anchor And The Air
11. The City Ingnites
12. Mother Mary – itunes bonus only

Official Website: www.36crazyfists.com

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